Billionaire God of War Chapter 2040

Chapter 2040

He was going to die if he drank the wine.

What was Ethan up to? Why had he called the guards to join him and Third Miss? He didn’t have to feign friendship with his servants.

Marcel eyed his cup before speaking hesitantly. “Your humble servant doesn’t wish to intrude upon Third Miss.”

“He told you to sit down, didn’t he? Well, sit down!” Lacey slammed her fist on the table without any warning and yelled, “Quit yammering!”

She was in a foul mood. That guard should have known better. Why was he giving her so much trouble?

Marcel clenched his jaw. He had no choice but to take a seat.

“Summon all the guards.” Ethan turned towards the guard at the door and said, “Let’s all have a drink together.”

Marcel’s heart sank when he heard that. Was Ethan mad?

Why was he summoning all the guards?

He could feel his heart hammering in his chest. What was he going to do?

The wine was poisoned!

He couldn’t possibly drink it. What if all the guards drank but not Ethan? What was he going to do then?

Where could he escape to then?

“Third Miss, I’m still on duty. I have to protect you. I can’t get drunk…” Marcel said hastily.

“I’m giving you a holiday.” Ethan looked at him. “It starts now. I call the shots. Besides, this is Clearheart Sect. Who’s going to cause trouble here? They’ll be punished seriously.”

He picked up the bottle of wine and filled Marcel’s cup.

“You’ve been guarding Third Miss diligently all this while. It must be hard work. I want to take this chance to thank all of you.” Ethan grinned. “We’re counting on you to continue your hard work.”

His cup was filled to the brim. Marcel swallowed as he stared at the wine and the shimmering light passing through it.

He knew what kind of man Cid was. Cid was coldblooded and vicious, so Marcel was certain that the poison that Cid had given him would kill those that drank it.

He was going to die if he drank the wine.

Before Marcel could do or say anything, a dozen guards had arrived in the hall. They looked excited.

Ethan had treated them extremely well from the moment he had arrived at the courtyard. He never looked down on them because they were servants. In fact, he treated them with concern and the utmost respect.

No one had ever treated them in this manner.

And now, he was inviting them to drink with him.

This was unbelievable!

Something like this had never happened in Clearheart Sect.

“Brother Ethan!” the guards greeted him in unison.

They had gotten used to addressing him this way. Ethan was like their big brother. He took better care of them than Third Miss ever did. He always treated them with respect and dignity.

“We wanted to drink with all of you,” said Ethan. “That’s what Third Miss wants too.”

Lacey nodded. Ethan called the shots now. He enjoyed a higher standing than she did. Also…he was really good looking.

She stared stupidly as Ethan got everyone cups. She could never tire of the look of nonchalance on his face.

“Thank you, Brother Ethan! Thank you, Third Miss!”

The guards raised their cups in excitement. Ethan was going to personally fill their cups with wine.

Marcel was going to wet his pants any moment now.

They were all going to die. He was going to die if they died.

They would turn the entire sect upside down to find him. He would have nowhere to go.

“Let’s make a toast,” Ethan laughed.

The cups were raised.

Marcel could hear a sudden loud crackle inside his head, as if he had been struck by lightning.

His blood turned cold in an instant.

“Don’t drink it!” Marcel yelled suddenly and flung his arms wide open, sweeping the cups of two guards out of their hands.

The cup landed on the floor with a loud crack and splintered into numerous shards. Wine spilled across the floor. White foam started to bubble on the surface of the liquid.

Alarm flashed across the faces of the more experienced guards.

That was poison.

“The wine’s been poisoned!” Someone yelled. Everyone snapped out of their stupor and instantly locked eyes with Marcel. Without any hesitation, a few of them surged forward, grabbed Marcel’s arms and twisted them behind his back.


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