Billionaire God of War Chapter 2047

Chapter 2047

They would have given their all to find the culprit behind Marcel’s murder even if Helis had not promised them his full support.

They wouldn’t stop even if they had to investigate the elders.

“Helis, we won’t disappoint you.” The leader of the Disciplinary Hall guards got to his feet, turned around and barked at his men. “Let’s go! We’re going to search the entire sect. Leave no stone unturned!”

They were akin to wolves on a full moon, crazed and hungry for blood.

There was no point in remaining in the Disciplinary Hall if they couldn’t restore Helis’ reputation.

The men charged out of the Disciplinary Hall, summoned another group of men and began a thorough search of Clearheart Sect.

It was their duty to protect Clearheart Sect and uphold the integrity of its laws.

Clearheart Sect was turned topsy turvy within moments.

“Quick, hurry up!”

“We’re starting from the Outer Court. I want a thorough search. Search everyone!”

“No one is to leave the sect grounds during this period. Those who do not adhere to the rules will be punished severely by the Disciplinary Hall.”

“Those who left the Outer Court on their own last night are to report their names to us immediately.”

Hordes of men from the Disciplinary Hall began a thorough investigation that started with the Outer Court.

No stone was left unturned. Every disciple that was registered in their records had to undergo an interrogation and prove that they had an alibi the night before.

Regardless of their relation to Marcel, everyone who didn’t have an alibi had to face a second round of investigation.

A sudden storm seemed to have overtaken the sect, stirring panic and fear amongst many. Some of them still had no idea what was going on and why the Disciplinary Hall had descended upon everyone in such a flurry.

But of course, the guards from the Disciplinary Hall knew that the Outer Court hadn’t been involved in Marcel’s murder.

The Disciplinary Hall’s reputation would be utterly ruined if the ones who had infiltrated their prison and killed Marcel were from the Outer Court.

“We’ve searched the Outer Court and found no suspects.”

This was as they had guessed right from the start.

“The Inner Court is next!”

The Inner Court garnered the most suspicion.

The people from the Portico rarely came into contact with those from the Inner Court. Prior to his death, Marcel had posed little threat to the Portico. The only ones who could have been threatened by his existence were his fellow disciples in the Inner Court.

The greatest suspect was Carmen.

The leader of the Disciplinary Hall guards arrested Carmen as soon as he arrived at the Inner Court. They weren’t going to let him have any chances of slipping away.

“I have nothing to do with his death.” Carmen bared his teeth in an angry smile.

Cid sat silently on the highest level in the halls of the Inner Court, his eyes half-lidded and his face lined with obvious anger.

His disciples lined the halls and were interrogated by the Disciplinary Hall guards one by one.

Carmen couldn’t take it any longer. “Why would I kill him? How could I have killed him under your watch? You’re trying to frame me for his murder!”

“Marcel’s a better fighter than you are. You’ll never be number one as long as he remains at the Inner Court. Does that reason suffice?”

“What a joke!” Carmen said angrily. “Number one? He’s not number one. I was hiding my true strength. He’s not my match at all.”

They were driving him to the edge.

He had hidden his true strength and had been prepared to unleash his true power and injure Marcel when the right moment had struck in their fight. He hadn’t expected that he would be sabotaging himself.

What was Marcel to him?

He could have won Marcel easily.

Why would he kill him?

He would be a fool to infiltrate the Disciplinary Hall prison to kill someone like Marcel.

“Hiding your true strength? You’re quite good at putting up an act. You’re looking more suspicious by the moment.” The leader of the guards glared at Cid, then beckoned for his men. “Men, take Carmen away for interrogation.”

“Hold on!” Cid stared straight into the eyes of the leader of the guards and said mildly. “You have no evidence and no grounds to arrest my men. Is it not enough that the Inner Court has lost Marcel? Do you wish to take more of my men?”

He rose to his full stature and looked down upon the guards with an imposing air.

“Do you think the disciples of the Inner Court are pushovers whom you can easily push around?”


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