Billionaire God of War Chapter 2048

Chapter 2048

The glacial look in Cid’s eyes as he thundered furiously could freeze.

From the powerful aura that surrounded him, it was clear that he was being serious. The absence of restraint was a clear expression of his displeasure towards the guards of the Disciplinary Hall.

“Please don’t get worked up, Mr Cid.” The leader of the guards didn’t budge. “This is a serious matter and the Disciplinary Hall has a duty to get to the bottom of this. We have to do Marcel right and find his killer. This is the duty that we are bound to perform.”

“Humph!” Cid had not expected a lowly leader of a small team of guards would dare to speak to him in such a manner. Wasn’t he worried that Cid might simply kill him on the spot? “Your duty is to uphold order in the Clearheart Sect, not cause disorder and chaos!”

“Mr Cid, you’re wrong. We’re seeking justice for a disciple of our sect. That’s hardly causing disorder.” The guard leader was prepared to die. He would rather be killed than back down. The honor of the Disciplinary Hall was more important than his life. “Besides, Marcel is your prized disciple. Aren’t you upset by his death? Don’t you want justice to be served?”

Cid’s pupils contracted when he heard that.

The guard leader was insinuating something. In fact, he might be trying to lure him into spilling information.

“He’s my disciple. Of course I want justice to be served,” scoffed Cid. “But I won’t let my other disciples suffer humiliation and have the Inner Court’s name tarnished unjustly!”

With a wave of his hand, a dozen disciples rushed forward.

“Mr Cid, what are you trying to do?” laughed the guard leader. “We’re here on the orders of Helis and you’re putting me in a difficult spot. The Disciplinary Hall’s been around since Clearheart Sect was founded. We are tasked with the duty of upholding the name of Clearheart Sect and the laws of the sect.”

“That is exactly what we’re doing now. And you, Mr Cid, what are you doing? Let me make myself clear. It doesn’t matter even if it’s the sect leader who’s standing before us now. We’re going to search everyone and everything that requires searching!”

With a loud metallic whine, the guard leader pulled his sword out. “Those who stand in our way will be deemed to have committed an act of treason and punished accordingly!”

Tension filled the air instantaneously.

Alarm flashed across the faces of Carmen and the other disciples. They had not realized the severity of the situation until then.

The Disciplinary Hall had been relentless in their investigation. It was clear that they had the silent support of the sect leader.

It was only the death of a disciple. Was there really a need to go to such extents?

They doubted that the sect leader would go to such extremes even if the person who had died was a Portico disciple.

Cid shared the same thoughts. He knew that Liam didn’t care about Marcel.

He might feel sorry for losing an Inner Court disciple, but he wouldn’t cause such a scene.

Ethan was the only reason that could explain the Disciplinary Hall’s investigation.

Liam held Ethan in high regard. That was why he wanted to capture those who wanted to harm Ethan.

Ethan was without doubt an extraordinary character with extraordinary importance.

“I’m a member of Clearheart Sect as well as the principal of the Inner Court. I hold the sect’s name in greater regard than you do,” bellowed Cid. “I’ll find the murderer who killed my disciple and have him punished!”

“Mr Cid shouldn’t stand in our way since we both want the same things,” the guard leader said as he cupped his fists politely. “Take him away!”

He had unsheathed his sword already, so he wasn’t going to waste any more time talking.

He wasn’t going to go easy on Cid if the latter tried to stop him.

He didn’t want to disappoint Helis and he didn’t want to tarnish the name of the sect.

“Mr Cid! Mr Cid!” Carmen and his fellow disciples called out desperately for their principal, but Cid could do nothing but watch silently with a stormy face as the guards left with his disciples.

He could say nothing.

Helis was treating this seriously. The murder of a prisoner in the Disciplinary Hall prison had been an open act of provocation and an attack on his name. Cid had known Helis for many years and he knew the man’s temperament. This was something that he would do.

“Go on and investigate. You won’t find anything,” scoffed Cid as a streak of disdain flashed past his eyes.

They could turn the whole sect upside down and they wouldn’t find anything on him.


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