Billionaire God of War Chapter 2050

Chapter 2050

Ethan had said everything that had needed to be said. What more could Helis say?

He glanced at Ethan.

“We must uphold the integrity of the Disciplinary Hall. Those are the rules that have been set in stone by our founding ancestors. The rules that govern the Disciplinary Hall are the rules that govern Clearheart Sect. There will be no order without these rules!” said Helis sternly. “Carmen made a good point. We should conduct a search of the Portico.”

Carmen nearly passed out.

When had he said anything like that?

He hadn’t mentioned a single word at all.

The Disciplinary Hall was going to search the Portico. It would be the end of him if the elders and the Portico disciples found out that he had been the one who had reminded Helis that the Portico remained unsearched.

“Helis! Helis!” Carmen shouted frantically. “This has nothing to do with me! I didn’t say anything! I really didn’t!”

Ethan threw him a casual glance.

“That counts as a merit to the sect, Helis. You could consider lightening his sentence.”

“I think that’s a great idea.”

Ethan and Helis played beautifully off each other. Blood drained from Carmen’s face rapidly, turning his pallor as pale as a ghost.


He slid slowly to the ground while cursing himself secretly. Why had he decided to keep a low profile? Why had he tried to play it cool? Why…

All he had wanted to do was to reveal his true strength when the right moment came along. No one could have expected things to turn out this way.

He didn’t want to die!

Ethan and Helis didn’t seem to hear his words as they turned away and left.

“We have to search the Portico!” said Ethan.

“Those are bold words. Do you know how much trouble that would bring?”

“Isn’t that what Chief O’Clear wants us to do?” Ethan pointed out casually. “The greater the scene we cause, the better.”

Helis and Ethan exchanged a look with each other. They could see a hint of smile in each other’s eyes.

This did sound like fun.

“Oh, right. Carmen’s innocent. Don’t get him killed. He’ll come in useful later,” said Ethan.

“You make a terrifying enemy. You’re filled with terrible ideas,” Helis scoffed. “I’ll find the right opportunity and have him become your lapdog.”

He was well aware that Ethan had begun to set up a trap meant for Cid. He wondered if Cid was going to fall for it.

Cid was clearly the man who had killed Marcel. Helis and Ethan both knew that.

No one had exposed the truth and both of them were still feigning ignorance. Finding evidence to prove that Cid was the murderer was going to be tough, so Ethan had decided that they weren’t going to rely on evidence at all.

Helis had not realized that this was what Ethan was planning to do until this very moment.

The two men parted ways. Ethan returned to Lacey’s residence and back to his tea and snacks, enjoying a leisurely rest as if he were on a vacation.

Helis, on the other hand, appeared to have gone mad.

He was feigning madness, but his act was more terrifying than the real deal.

Every man in the Disciplinary Hall had been sent out and was now heading for the Portico. No one would escape unscathed as they investigated Marcel’s death.

Anyone who tried to stop him would receive the brunt of his verbal lashings as he accused them for defying the sect’s rules and disrespecting its name. No one dared to speak back against him.

“Take those who dare to retaliate!” thundered Helis. “No one shall challenge the rules of the Clearheart Sect and the authority of the Disciplinary Hall. These are the laws that have been set in stone by our founding ancestors. No one shall disobey them!”

That was all that he had to say.

It didn’t matter who stood before him or what they said to him, that was all Helis had to say to drive the elders at the Portico trembling with rage and ready to get into a fight with him.

But Liam himself had not spoken a single word and had allowed the search and interrogations to take place. Who were they to say otherwise?

“Chief O’Clear, are you going to stand by and watch as Helis turns the sect upside down?” Cid finally blurted out.

The Inner Court was no longer under investigation, which meant that he could and dared to say anything.

Besides, he was speaking up on behalf of the other elders. He could afford to sound self-righteous.


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