Billionaire God of War Chapter 2051

Chapter 2051

“Turn the sect upside down?” Helis barked out a curt laugh before Liam could say a word. “Are you suggesting that Chief O’Clear is also turning the sect upside down?”

“How dare you!” Cid blurted out in a fluster.

He had not been aware of how scathing Helis could be. His quick reply had Cid choke back whatever words he had ready at the tip of his tongue.

He had not the audacity to insinuate that Liam was involved in the chaos that Helis was causing in the sect. It was obvious that this was the case, but he couldn’t put it out in the open.

“We all have the sect’s reputation at heart. Cid, are you trying to cause trouble for the sect? Did I not search the Inner Court too?” A dark look descended on Helis’ face then as he stared fixedly at Cid. “Are you the culprit?”

Tension filled the hall instantly.

Everyone’s attention was yanked towards Cid. Their eyes revealed the different thoughts that occupied their minds.

Cid’s heart sank, but he quickly pulled himself together. The panic that had appeared in his eyes was but a brief flicker that vanished as soon as it had surfaced.

“Cease your baseless accusations! Marcel’s my best disciple. Why would I kill him? Am I out of my mind?” His eyes were red as he thundered. “You cannot imagine how upset I am at his death. How could you accuse me of killing him? Marcel won’t be able to rest in peace!”

Cid looked ready to fight Helis to the death.

That look of agitation on his face made him resemble a young lady who had been dishonored and was overcome with intense resentment and fury.

“If you didn’t do it, why are you so worked up?” argued Helis, who was clearly equally upset.

The voices in the hall rose.

“Silence!” Liam slammed his fist on the table suddenly and silenced the two.

He gave Helis and Cid a look.

“Marcel was trying to kill Ethan, my future son-in-law. He was disrespecting me and Clearheart Sect. Someone must have instigated him to attempt the assassination. We must get to the bottom of this.” He threw a glance at Cid. “Don’t you wish to know who Marcel’s murderer is?”

Cid’s heart raced as he stared at Liam’s eyes.

He had a feeling that they knew what he had done. They simply didn’t have any evidence to prove their suspicions.

“Of course I do! I have to!” Cid declared. He pointed at Helis furiously. “Helis was the one who accused me of being the murderer without any proof to support his accusation. He was the one who had gone too far!”

“He can’t be the murderer.” A voice rang out in the air suddenly.

Ethan slowly strode into the hall.

“How could Mr Cid be the murderer? He’s the last person who wants me dead. He can’t be the murderer.”

Everyone’s eyes turned towards Ethan as he walked towards them.

So did the eyes of Tegan and Gareth. The faint nod that Liam gave Ethan made their guts churn slightly.

This man was going to marry into the O’Clear family, and he was only going to be married to a daughter that Liam had adopted. He was hardly someone who deserved Liam’s favor.

Ethan’s death was insignificant. There was no need to go to such extents to find his killer and turn the entire sect topsy turvy.

“I don’t think you’re qualified to speak,” said Tegan with a hint of hostility in his voice.

The sect leader, the various elders, Helis, the principal of the Inner Court, and everyone present in the hall were the pillars and upper echelons of Clearheart Sect. Who was Ethan compared to them?

“And who might you be?” Ethan glanced at Tegan.

“Humph, don’t you know who I am?” Tegan demanded angrily.

“Are you really famous? Why should I know who you are? Marcel seems like a bigger deal than you are.”

Tegan was going to blow up.

Had he just compared him to a dead man?

Did he just say that a dead man was better than him?

“You!” He took a step forward, ready to hit the man when Gareth stopped him.

The hall wasn’t the place to start a fight.

“Doesn’t matter. I think we count as your seniors,” Gareth said coolly.

After all, they were Lacey’s elder brothers.

“And who are you?” Ethan tilted his head.


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