Billionaire God of War Chapter 2052

Chapter 2052

Ethan’s question sent Gareth into a sudden moment of confusion. Gareth’s face darkened the next instant.

“Punk, don’t test my patience. I’m trying to show you some respect.”

“I don’t need that from you,” said Ethan calmly.

He couldn’t be bothered with Gareth at all. Before Gareth could retort, Ethan walked right up to Cid. Their eyes met. Cid appeared unfazed despite the look that Ethan was giving him.

He had no idea why Ethan was speaking up on his behalf.

They had only met each other once and had barely spoken to each other.

Cid had been the one who had instructed Marcel to kill Ethan. Ethan must be aware of that, so there was no reason for him to speak up for Cid.

“Mr Cid is a good man with a good heart. He wouldn’t hurt anyone,” said Ethan. “Besides, we don’t know each other and bear each other no grudge. He has no reason to harm me.”

Cid nodded. “That’s right. This is only the second time I’ve met Ethan. I don’t harbor any personal grudge against him at all. None so great that compels me to kill him. Helis, you shouldn’t make baseless accusations against me.”

Helis eyed Cid, gave Ethan a look, then scoffed. From the look of unhappiness on his face, it was clear that he was extremely displeased about Ethan stepping forward and speaking up for Cid.

He was helping Ethan figure out who had tried to kill him and bring the perpetrator to justice. But what was Ethan doing now? He was actually standing on Cid’s side.

“Chief O’Clear, the person who wants me dead must be someone else. I don’t believe that Mr Cid would do something like that.” Ethan walked up to Liam and clasped his hands together respectfully.

“Who do you think it is then?”

Everyone froze in stupor when they heard what Liam had said. The expressions on their faces revealed their differing thoughts.

What a question!

Were they going to look into whomever Ethan believed was the culprit and have the man arrested?

The sect leader was treating this matter like child’s play!

Who was Ethan exactly? Why did he deserve such a privileged treatment from Liam?

“It can’t be anyone from Clearheart Sect,” Ethan said earnestly. “I’ve only recently arrived at the sect. Few have seen me or know that I’m here. Why would they want to kill me? I have many enemies outside the sect though. If they knew that I’m here, they might send someone to infiltrate the sect and assassinate me.”

“Are you suggesting that an outsider has infiltrated the sect and attempted an assassination on you?” Liam’s face darkened.

That would be a serious matter.

Infiltrating Clearheart Sect was an outright act of provocation towards Clearheart Sect.

“Do we know of any outsiders who have entered the sect grounds recently?” asked Ethan.

Silence descended upon the hall suddenly.

They had no idea if Ethan had spoken those words unintentionally or deliberately. The only outsiders who had arrived at Clearheart Sect recently were none other than Elder Jorge and his convoy.

They had come on behalf of their young master to seek Lacey’s hand in marriage.

They had not expected that Liam had already arranged a match for Lacey and that he had named Ethan his future son-in-law.

Everything did kind of make sense. There was a possibility that Elder Jorge and his party might have tried to kill Marcel.

They had a strong motive to do so.

They had come with a marriage offer, only to find out that Lacey had been bestowed to another. If they truly wanted Lacey to become their young master’s wife, Ethan had to die.

The revelation struck everyone present like a shattering bolt of lightning.

Cid heard something explode in his head. Ethan had somehow stumbled upon the truth while uttering nonsense.

Killing a mere son-in-law should have been a simple matter. No one had expected things to spiral out of control.

The air was taut with tension.

“What utter nonsense!” the Senior Elder said in a burst of anger. “Who do you think you are? You’re not worth Elder Jorge’s time!”


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