Billionaire God of War Chapter 2053

Chapter 2053

The Senior Elder’s words were harsh and blunt. He wasn’t holding himself back despite knowing that Liam had Ethan’s back.

“How dare you insult Elder Jorge’s name! You deserve to be killed!” The Senior Elder pointed at Ethan, his beard puffing up angrily as he spoke.

Ethan had left a terrible first impression on him. What made things worse had been the sudden death of Marcel, a disciple whom he had his eye on.

He was naturally upset.

“How’s that insulting his name?” Ethan glanced at the Senior Elder. “Why doesn’t the Senior Elder share your thoughts with us then? Who else might the culprit be?”

“That’s not important.” The Senior Elder snorted coldly. “No one cares if you get killed. No one cares as long as it isn’t someone from Clearheart Sect who’s dead.”

In his eyes, Ethan wasn’t a member of Clearheart Sect at all.

“What if the Senior Elder is their next target?”

“Cease your impudence!” Numerous voices rose in unison.

No one had expected such audacious words from Ethan.

How dare he suggest that the Senior Elder was going to die next!

Tegan’s and Gareth’s faces flushed with fury. Ethan had gone too far.

“Ethan, what are your true intentions?” Gareth said vehemently. “The Senior Elder has done many great deeds for Clearheart Sect. He’s not someone you can curse flagrantly!”

“That’s right. Why don’t you take a good look at yourself? You’re just Lacey’s fiancé. Anyway, you still lack our endorsement.”

“Marcel should have killed you. You’re just a waste of our sect’s resources.”

The elders did not hold back as they pointed at Ethan and cursed him out loud, without any concern for Liam’s pride.

Liam simply stood there silently with a stormy look on his face.

Liam had not expected Ethan to speak so boldly against the Senior Elder. But he knew that Ethan was a smart man. He wouldn’t make an enemy out of anyone so easily.

He must have his reasons.

All he had to do now was to keep quiet and not say a word.

“It seems that someone is trying to protect the murderer,” Ethan sighed and made a show of shaking his head. “I understand what’s going on now. Someone thinks that the state that Clearheart Sect is in isn’t bad enough. They want to see the sect fall completely apart. When that moment comes, they’ll swarm in and try to get a piece of whatever’s left.”

No one reacted visibly to his words. However, a few hearts skipped a beat when they heard what Ethan said.

He had spoken the thoughts that they had been harboring in their minds.

“You’re all selfish men who care only for your self-interests. You believe that Clearheart Sect isn’t going to survive for long and that it’s going to fall sooner or later, so you set aside a backup plan a long time ago, didn’t you?”

Every word of Ethan struck loud and true. Cid felt his heart spasm as he listened to the man talk. He was struck with a feeling that Ethan could see through his secrets with a single glance.

“Well, I’m going to tell you that Clearheart Sect will never fall!” Ethan raised his voice suddenly. “Anyone who harbors any ill intentions towards the sect is going to end up in hell. You should stop while it’s not too late!”

Ethan’s eyes swept past everyone as he shouted, pausing on everyone’s faces and meeting everyone’s eyes. Hidden behind his fierce stare was an overwhelming power.

When his eyes landed on Cid, they stayed still for three long seconds before finally moving away.

His stare had Cid’s heart hammering fiercely in his chest.

“Bold words from a young punk,” the Senior Elder smirked. “Clearheart Sect is indeed on its decline. That is the reality that we are facing and that I myself cannot deny. Who are you to comment on that? Are you saying that you are going to change the sect’s future?”

The Senior Elder’s words held no consideration for Liam’s pride.

In fact, he seemed unafraid when he caught the slight frown creasing Liam’s brow.

“The Senior Elder is right,” said Ethan. “That’s exactly what I’m saying.”

“The audacity!”

“Not at all. I’m being modest.” Ethan smiled faintly. “In fact, if I were the Senior Elder of Clearheart Sect, the sect wouldn’t be facing a decline at all.”

“How dare you!”

The look on the Senior Elder’s face darkened. Ethan had gone too far. What was he trying to say?


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