Billionaire God of War Chapter 2056

Chapter 2056

The Senior Elder had to approve the investigation.

He didn’t have any other choice besides this.

The Senior Elder’s face was all red as he slowly raised his finger, then let it fall heavily. “Conduct an investigation!”

“Go ahead and investigate us!”

“This concerns the safety of all Clearheart Sect disciples. Of course we must investigate such a serious matter,” said the Senior Elder in a very righteous sounding voice.

Once he said this, everyone else fell silent.

None of the other elders dared to go against him.

Ethan smiled at the Senior Elder as he watched all these people slowly walk into the trap that he had laid for them.

He suddenly felt that these people weren’t beyond saving after all.

“We’ll conduct an investigation!” Helis didn’t hesitate. He nodded immediately and waved his hand dramatically. “Didn’t you hear what the Senior Elder said? Investigate everybody right now!”

“Yes, Helis!” replied the Disciplinary Hall members in unison before rushing in.

The Senior Elder’s face was slightly red and he felt like he had walked into a trap of sorts.

And it seems like Ethan had forced a lot of them into the same trap.

But this would be something that the Senior Elder would suddenly remember only after a long time had passed and Clearheart Sect regained stability. For now, all he felt was rage.

All the members of the Disciplinary Hall interrogated everyone one by one, regardless of who they were. It didn’t matter if they were an elder or the sect leader. They asked all the questions they had to and were very serious and stern. Nobody was allowed to joke around.

Everyone knew that this was the dignity of the Disciplinary Hall, and it was also the dignity of Clearheart Sect!

This was everything they stood for.

Even Liam had to come clean about where he was and what he was doing when Marcel died, and couldn’t conceal any details at all.

Ethan found a seat and sat down. He got one of the servants to get him tea while he watched the proceedings slowly.

Tegan and Gareth exchanged glances. They were so angry.

They had been scolded by Ethan earlier and they didn’t dare to say anything now.

Even Liam, the Senior Elder and the rest of the elders were cooperating with the investigation, so the two of them couldn’t possibly refuse to cooperate.

They had to obediently sit through the interrogation process and couldn’t even look annoyed or impatient, otherwise the others around them might call them arrogant!

On the contrary, Ethan just sat where he was and happily drank tea and ate snacks like he was in his own house.

“Why aren’t you questioning him?” asked Cid when he couldn’t stand it anymore. “Isn’t he suspicious too?”

“Marcel wanted to kill Ethan, so Ethan wanted to take revenge. Doesn’t that make sense?” he asked through gritted teeth.

Ethan didn’t even bother looking at Cid. Helis just replied directly, “Ethan has an alibi to prove that he wasn’t at the scene of the crime when Marcel died. I’ve already checked.”

“He wasn’t at the scene of the crime? Then where was he?” Cid continued to ask.

Helis laughed. “Of course he was at Third Miss’ quarters. As for what a single man and a single woman would be doing together in the same room, I’m really not sure.”

He shook his head and had a lecherous smile on his face. Every man would know what that smile meant.

Cid’s face immediately reddened.

Lacey and Ethan had already reached third base?

Oh no!

There was no way Elder Jorge and the rest would want their prospective bride to be someone who had already slept with another man. It would be meaningless to bring up marriage then!

“Helis, this is not the sort of thing you should mention. We’re all men, so we all get it.”

Ethan quickly waved his hands about and confirmed Cid’s suspicions even more this way. Cid started to get anxious.

If Lacey was already tainted, then there was no point in Elder Jorge’s visit.

They wouldn’t be able to use this method to infiltrate Clearheart Sect anymore.

Ethan…why was this creep in such a hurry? She was just betrothed to him and he took action already?


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