Billionaire God of War Chapter 2058

Chapter 2058

Cid was very alert after that slap.

But his ears were still ringing and his eyes were seeing stars. It took him a long time to actually snap out of his daze.

What…did he just say?

He hadn’t said anything just now!

That voice wasn’t his!

Cid wanted to scream and opened his mouth to speak, but not a single sound came out of it.

He went into a panic and pointed at his mouth in an attempt to explain things, but the Senior Elder wasn’t having any of this.

“How dare you!”

The Senior Elder was shaking from his anger and his eyes were bloodshot.

He never thought that Cid would suddenly admit that he had killed Marcel, and worse, he had killed one of his own disciples because Elder Jorge had told him to!

How could Cid do such a horrible thing?

Cid’s lips were covered with blood. That slap from the Senior Elder had knocked a few of his teeth out as well.

He wanted to explain things, but he couldn’t speak at all because he had been poisoned!

By the time Cid realized this, it was too late for him to do anything.

“I didn’t!” was all he could shout in his heart. But at the same time, everything that was said earlier was actually the truth.

“You’re an animal!” The Senior Elder pointed a finger at Cid. “How could you even bring yourself to do such a thing!”

The other elders were equally horrified.

Nobody expected things to turn out like this. They were even more puzzled that Cid would actually admit it.

Some of them had guessed that Cid did it, but so what?

As long as Cid didn’t admit it, then nobody would find out.

But he actually admitted it.

“Mr Cid.” Liam’s expression was equally grim and fury was written all over it. “Do you know what you have just said?”

“Aren’t you going to explain your actions?”

Cid nodded profusely, then shook his head like crazy. He opened his mouth but no sound came out, so he couldn’t explain anything either.

“I take it that you’re not going to explain anything.”

Liam nodded.

Cid was on the verge of tears.

He wanted to explain things, but he literally couldn’t.

That voice earlier had recounted the whole thing in such great detail. He might not even have been so detailed himself.

Cid suddenly looked up at Ethan and his entire body shuddered.

It was Ethan!

That voice earlier clearly came from Ethan.

He knew ventriloquism?

It had to be Ethan!

“Mr Cid, this is really a slap in my face!” Ethan sighed and looked upset. “I just said that it couldn’t be you, and it wouldn’t have anything to do with you. But you…”

He shook his head. “Mr Cid, do you really have to embarrass me this way?”

When Cid saw how upset Ethan looked, his chest started heaving from being too angry.

He opened his mouth and pointed a finger at Ethan before he suddenly gave a loud cry, spewed a mouthful of blood out, then blacked out.

He nearly died from being too angry with Ethan.

When did he get poisoned?

Ethan must have been the one who did this. Cid suddenly remembered that Ethan had come too close to him earlier, and Ethan must have planted that poison during that time so that he couldn’t speak anymore.

Then Ethan found a suitable chance to speak on his behalf before he could figure out what was happening.

And Ethan had revealed so many truths!

But how did Ethan find out about all that?

There was no way he could have known so many things in such detail.

He hadn’t missed a single thing.

The atmosphere in the hall immediately became extremely somber.

Cid had fainted, but nobody was going to let him off, especially the Senior Elder. His expression was grim and he refused to say anything. It was clear that he was really furious now.

The rest of the elders kept quiet. Nobody wanted to have anything to do with Cid.

“Senior Elder, how should we deal with this matter?” Liam glanced at everyone before looking at the Senior Elder. “If Cid is telling the truth, then Elder Jorge…”

His expression darkened and looked extremely murderous now!


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