Billionaire God of War Chapter 2059

Chapter 2059

“No disciple of Clearheart Sect should be killed just like that!” The Senior Elder shook his fist. “Anybody who kills a disciple of Clearheart Sect has to pay the price!”

“Men!” shouted the Senior Elder. “Surround the place where Elder Jorge and the rest are staying. I’m going to ask them personally what they mean by this!”

“Yes, Senior Elder!”

All the Portico disciples in the hall went to carry out his orders.

All the other elders had grim looks on their faces. The Senior Elder’s words were representative of the Clearheart Sect’s stance on this matter.

Liam had purposely asked the Senior Elder for this very purpose.

The Senior Elder’s stance was the most important.

He was the sect leader, but he wasn’t the one who could call all the shots in Clearheart Sect.

“Ethan, what lousy foresight you have! You thought that Mr Cid wouldn’t be the murderer, but look at what happened in the end!” Tegan scoffed coldly and mocked Ethan. “He ended up admitting that he killed Marcel! What a slap in the face!”

His expression was filled with iciness and mocking as he looked indignantly at Ethan.

Ethan had all the attention earlier and seemed so convincing, but now he was getting his just desserts.

Cid was determined to make Ethan embarrass himself even at his own expense.

Ethan didn’t say anything when he heard these sarcastic words. He just smiled and continued drinking his tea, because he couldn’t be bothered to stoop to the same level as this childish fellow.

Arguing with him was an insult to his intelligence.

Liam had heard what his son said, and the disappointment in his eyes was even greater now.

The others might not know, but Liam knew that if Ethan hadn’t done all this, Cid wouldn’t have admitted his wrongdoing.

But of course, this wasn’t really an admission from Cid, but a ploy by Ethan to force him to confess. There was no chance for him to explain anything or defend himself.

As Ethan said, since they knew that he was the murderer, then they didn’t need any evidence and they could just kill him.

That was the end of things.

Liam and Helis would never have thought that Ethan had already seen all of this coming, and they never thought that Ethan would actually use a method like this to force Cid to confess.

When they first heard his ventriloquism, they were equally astonished.

“Everyone, please come along with me to ask Elder Jorge what they mean by this,” said Liam sternly. “A disciple of Clearheart Sect has been killed so cruelly, and we are all partially responsible because we failed to protect him.”

“We ought to protect everyone, even if he is a Sinner.

He then led everyone to head towards where Elder Jorge was staying.

“Aren’t you coming along?” Helis looked at Ethan.

“Of course I’m going,” said Ethan. “But this tea tastes pretty good, so I’ll take another two cups before going over.”

Helis had no idea what Ethan was trying to do. He just knew that this young fellow was full of naughty ideas but it was impossible to tell from his appearance.

He didn’t say anything and ran after the crowd. The hall was left with only Tegan, Gareth and Ethan.

“I’m warning you, don’t get any funny ideas about Clearheart Sect. You’re just an outsider, so there’s nothing you can get out of this place!” said Tegan through gritted teeth. “Even if Father has high regard for you, both of us are his biological sons after all!”

“That’s right! You’d better give it up, otherwise, don’t blame both of us for getting nasty!” Gareth chimed in.

They could sense that Liam treated Ethan very differently, and he held Ethan in such high regard that the two brothers felt threatened.

Compared to Ethan’s mature and stable temperament, they were way too childish.

The way Ethan carried himself so calmly made them nearly lose control of their own emotions.

“The two of you have been fighting each other all this time, right? So you’re actually going to join hands because of me?”

Ethan got up and burst out laughing.

His laughter made the two brothers feel like they had been despised and humiliated.

“It would be great if that happened. The sect leader would be very happy for both of you to be so united.”


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