Billionaire God of War Chapter 2060

Chapter 2060

Ethan’s nonchalant tone of voice made Tegan and Gareth so furious that smoke was coming out from their nostrils.

“Why, you…”

But Ethan couldn’t be bothered with them.

He slowly got up, put the teacups down nicely, then slowly walked away with his hands behind his back towards where Liam and the rest were.

The two brothers remained behind with livid expressions on their faces and couldn’t get a single word out.

They could only secretly clench their fists as they watched Ethan walk away.

Ethan was provoking them!

He was humiliating them!

After a long time, Gareth took a deep breath. “If we don’t kill him, then we’ll be the next ones to die.”

“Since he’s the one with a death wish, he can’t blame us for getting nasty.”

The two brothers looked at each other. They never imagined that they would actually join hands for the same cause one day.

The two of them were brothers, but they were also fellow competitors. They had fought each other both openly and covertly for their own selfish gain, but now?

They had actually joined hands to deal with Ethan, a man that had appeared not too long ago.

The two of them felt sad about the state they were in, but they didn’t have any other choice. Ethan was simply too difficult for them to deal with.

If they didn’t join forces, they were definitely no match for Ethan. And even if they did, they still felt some pressure.

But if they didn’t get rid of Ethan, then the position of becoming the leader of Clearheart Sect might be taken away from them. Neither of them was confident of running against Ethan.

“Let’s join hands and get rid of him first, then fight each other later,” said Tegan with a nod.

Even if he lost to his brother, they were still family.

But if Ethan took everything away from them, they wouldn’t be able to accept it.

The two of them didn’t say anymore and quickly caught up with the rest.


Elder Jorge stood in the courtyard where they were staying and his expression faltered slightly when he saw that so many people had gathered outside the gate, but he soon regained his composure.

“Chief O’Clear, why have you brought so many people here? I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to do.” Elder Jorge smiled. “Don’t tell me you’re trying to chase me away already?”

“Elder Jorge.” Liam looked at Elder Jorge. “I’m not here to chase you away. On the contrary, I’m afraid all of you will not be able to leave Clearheart Sect for the time being.

Elder Jorge’s expression fell.

He looked around and couldn’t find Cid, so his heart sank, but he maintained a calm look on his face.

“Is that so? You mean you would like me to stay here permanently?” He purposely sounded relaxed as he said, “Of course I’d be more than willing to, as long as you’re agreeable to this marriage. In the future, Clearheart Sect and Titan Sect will be related by marriage, so what’s a few more days here?”

Elder Jorge smiled brightly and purposely mentioned this marriage proposal.

Of course Liam knew that he wasn’t just talking about the marriage proposal, but also reminding him that he was an elder of Titan Sect!

Titan Sect was much more powerful than Clearheart Sect now. He had to consider the consequences of making things difficult for Elder Jorge.

Liam frowned.

He knew that he had to weigh the consequences very carefully because while Clearheart Sect looked pretty decent on the surface, they didn’t really have much to fall back on. Both their disciples and their resources definitely lost out to Titan Sect.

If they really ended up getting into a conflict, things would become tricky to handle.

“You can forget about that marriage offer,” came Ethan’s voice from behind before Liam said anything.

He pushed through the crowd and walked right to the front. He looked at Elder Jorge and smiled as he said, “Third Miss already belongs to me.”

He went straight to the point!

“I highly doubt that your Young Master has a habit of snatching women away from others, right?”

Elder Jorge’s expression instantly darkened.

Ethan was still alive!

Marcel had been too useless and failed in killing Ethan. He really didn’t know how Cid arranged any of this.

“Humph.” Elder Jorge replied coldly, “Who do you think you are? I don’t think you’re qualified enough within Clearheart Sect to talk to me.”


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