Billionaire God of War Chapter 2063

Chapter 2063

Elder Jorge stared deeply at Ethan. He knew that this was why Ethan had punched him in the first place.

He was making sure that Clearheart Sect had no other way out.

“Ethan!” Elder Jorge grit his teeth. “You’re driving Clearheart Sect to their grave and you’re going to end up destroying them! They’ll eventually hate you! They’ll hate you to death!”

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Ethan walked over and looked down at Elder Jorge. “You’d better reflect on your own actions. You’d also better not provoke me again, otherwise you won’t leave with just one broken arm.”

Ethan then turned and left without wasting any more saliva on him.

“Take them away!” Helis waved his hand and all the guards ran forward to tie up Elder Jorge and the rest with him and led them away to their prison.

The crowd was still standing there.

Liam and the elders were all still standing there. But everyone had different expressions on their faces.

“This youngster…” The Senior Elder frowned. “Where did he come from?”

He looked at Liam.

“He’s sent here by Clearheart Sect’s forefathers,” replied Liam in a profound manner.

The Senior Elder took a deep breath and seemed to understand everything now.

“There’s no way out for Clearheart Sect now. Titan Sect will definitely be furious and we might end up in a terrible conflict. Have you thought about whether Clearheart Sect will be able to bear these consequences?”

Liam shook his head. He wasn’t sure if the sect wasn’t able to bear the consequences, or if he simply didn’t know the answer to that question.

“Ethan was too rash. It’s good to be young and energetic, but if it’s used in the wrong place, he will only get himself and others into trouble.”

“Chief, you ought to punish him for implicating Clearheart Sect! Tell him to leave!”

“Getting him to leave is the best plan for now. If Titan Sect sends people to fight us, we’ll be in big trouble.”

“We…really cannot afford to offend Titan Sect.”

All the other elders shook their heads and sighed.

Liam turned to look at them.

“So we’re going to watch someone else kill a disciple of Clearheart Sect and do nothing about it? In fact, we’ve probably lost some of these convictions over all these years, and that’s why Clearheart Sect has declined to this extent.”

Liam laughed bitterly and left without saying anymore.

The Senior Elder didn’t say anything and left as well.

Just then, Tegan and Gareth finally made it to the scene. They saw that there was nobody left in the courtyard and there was even blood on the ground. Their faces immediately paled.

“What happened?” asked Tegan anxiously. “Someone got hurt?”

“Ethan injured Elder Jorge and the Disciplinary Hall has rounded all of them up,” replied one of the elders in a somewhat sarcastic tone of voice. “We’re in trouble.”

“That jerk!” Tegan was furious. “How could he injure Elder Jorge? Titan Sect is going to hit the roof for sure!”

He never thought that Ethan could even injure Elder Jorge. Elder Jorge was an elder of Titan Sect!

His level of ability was higher than the rest of his sect and he had surpassed the advanced grandmaster stage a long time ago. But Ethan managed to injure him?

“We’ll wait for the Chief to settle this.”

The elders didn’t say anymore and left, leaving Tegan and Gareth behind. They looked at the puddle of blood on the ground and were so angry that their bodies were trembling.

“He’s trying to destroy Clearheart Sect.” Tegan’s face was livid.

“What an asshole!” Gareth clenched his fists. “We can’t let him continue doing whatever he likes like this!

Injuring Elder Jorge was as good as slapping Titan Sect in the face. What was Clearheart Sect going to do if Titan Sect’s chief got angry and decided to fight them?

They were initially hoping that a marriage between Lacey and someone from Titan Sect would help them to gain resources and support of Titan Sect. But Ethan had upset all their plans!

They wouldn’t be able to get any support, and might even have to suffer the wrath of Titan Sect.

How dare Ethan do such a thing!

The two of them exchanged glances and seemed to have arrived at the same conclusion at the same time.

Ethan had done something wrong, but this was a chance for them!

They could both chase Ethan away and claim credit for recouping Clearheart Sect’s losses…


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