Billionaire God of War Chapter 2064

Chapter 2064

The brothers had never felt a pressure like this before.

In such a short time, they were nearly out of breath from the pressure that this outsider had brought them. Ethan was like a huge mountain weighing on them, so even though he hadn’t said or done anything, his presence alone was enough to make them feel the pressure!

“We can’t just watch Ethan destroy Clearheart Sect like that!”

“Father is really getting old. How could he allow Ethan to just do whatever he likes?”

“The Senior Elder and the rest too! Can’t they see what’s happening? Aren’t they going to stop it?”

Tegan and Gareth were both so angry that they were trembling.

But it was too late to say anything now.

Elder Jorge had already been sent to prison with the rest of his entourage by Helis.

They were representatives from Titan Sect!

They had come with a marriage offer but ended up getting thrown into prison by Clearheart Sect. If word went out, what would others say about Clearheart Sect?

The two of them exchanged glances but didn’t say anymore and quickly left.

This was not the place to talk.

If they wanted to do something about this, they had to make plans first and not act rashly.

The courtyard was soon completely empty except for some bloodstains on the ground.

Nobody would have thought that the blood belonged to Elder Jorge.


When Ethan returned to Lacey’s quarters, she immediately ran out to see him.

She had heard all about it.

It was impossible to keep such a thing under wraps. She had someone watching him all the time, so she would get news in the shortest time possible.

“You injured Elder Jorge?” Lacey’s face was covered with worry. “Where did you find the guts to do such a thing?”

Titan Sect was not a weak sect, and they were actually one of the best around. In the past, Clearheart Sect didn’t have to worry about them. But now, Clearheart Sect was no match for Titan Sect at all.

The difference in their prowess was huge.

She had heard Liam mention this before. But even if he hadn’t talked about it, Lacey knew that Clearheart Sect was on the decline and could barely hold itself together now.

“Yeah, I injured him.”

Ethan replied very calmly before waving his hand. The captain of the guards immediately understood that gesture and got him freshly brewed tea.

All the guards looked rather excited.

To them, Ethan was what it meant to be a real man!

He actually dared to hit Titan Sect’s Elder Jorge!

More importantly, Ethan had actually injured him!

They had heard all about what happened from their friends at the Disciplinary Hall. Ethan had made a fierce attack and even Elder Jorge didn’t manage to react in time. Ethan had broken his arm just like that!

How powerful was Ethan exactly?

This was Elder Jorge they were talking about!

“Brother Ethan, please have some tea!” The captain of the guards had a slightly reddened face and spoke a little nervously. After he served the tea, he politely stood to one side and didn’t dare to interrupt.

Ethan sat there and looked at how anxious and worried Lacey’s expression was.

“What are you afraid of? Afraid that your marriage is in jeopardy now?” he teased her with a laugh.

“Do you know what trouble you’re in? How could you still joke about this?” Lacey frowned in frustration. “Didn’t my father stop you? Or the Senior Elder? Or the other elders? Even if you’re rash and immature, they wouldn’t be!”

Lacey’s eyes were a little red now. She knew that the consequences were very severe. If Ethan was just making trouble within Clearheart Sect, nothing would happen to him since Liam would protect him.

But once it involved another sect, then things would get much more complicated.

“No, this will not do. You have to leave! You have to leave right now!”

She wasn’t thinking about the trouble that might befall Clearheart Sect. All she thought about now was Ethan.

After thinking about it, Lacey quickly ran off, then came back with a bag and thrust it into his arms as she tried pulling him to his feet.

“Hurry up and leave! Leave right now!”

“There are some things in here that will tide you over for some time, so quickly leave Clearheart Sect now!” said Lacey anxiously. “If you don’t leave now, you will die!”


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