Billionaire God of War Chapter 2066

Chapter 2066

If Clearheart Sect continued to retreat even though they were already at the edge of a cliff, then they were really beyond saving.

The two men glanced at one another. They all knew why Ethan had decided to fight.

Compared to Ethan, they simply weren’t decisive enough.

“What are we going to do now?” asked Helis. “We can’t lock up Jorge forever. Someone from Titan Sect will come in no time.”

“What are you afraid of?” Liam scoffed. “You think Ethan doesn’t know they’re coming? He definitely has a plan in mind already.”

Ethan was really unyielding enough. He was so unyielding that even the Senior Elder was beginning to look up to him now.

Otherwise, there would be no way the Senior Elder would have remained silent when Ethan attacked Elder Jorge. He would have reprimanded Ethan for sure.


It had been eons since Clearheart Sect used this word to describe anyone.

“We’ll let Ethan decide on how to deal with them and we’ll cooperate with him.” Liam sighed deeply and that was pretty much his final decision.

He had hesitated and was even waiting to see what was so special about Ethan. He wanted to see if this man from outside the mountain would be able to change Clearheart Sect.

From the looks of it, he could!

Even if he couldn’t save Clearheart Sect in the end, it was still worth a shot.

Liam didn’t have any more reservations now.

“Yes, Chief O’Clear, I’ll do just that, don’t worry.” Helis nodded and his expression was equally grim.

Both of them were well aware of what Clearheart Sect was like now. Even if the Senior Elder could put his prejudice aside and not get in the way of Ethan, what about the other elders?

Everyone had their own plans and ambitions.

If they didn’t settle this matter with Titan Sect properly, then people from other sects would soon come and try their luck. They would repeatedly try to challenge and push Clearheart Sect’s limits!

While the two of them were talking about what to do.

Tegan and Gareth had arrived outside the prison.

“Helis has commanded that nobody is allowed to enter the prison,” said the guard sternly.

That was the order he had received. Not even the gods could enter!

“Not even me?” Tegan frowned and purposely spoke angrily, “Open your eyes! Don’t you know who I am?!”

“Helis has commanded that nobody is allowed to enter the prison,” repeated the guard.

Since he was tasked with guarding this post, then he had to guard the dignity and orderliness of the Disciplinary Hall as well.

“How dare you!” roared Gareth. “We have orders to interrogate Jorge. Are you going to stand in the way of our work?”

“Whose orders are these?” The guard frowned.

Of course he recognized the two men before him. Everyone in Clearheart Sect knew who they were.

In the past, he wouldn’t have argued with Tegan and Gareth because his status was way too lowly.

“What? You’re asking me who’s order it was?!” Tegan didn’t dare to say it was Liam’s orders, because Liam would never give him such instructions. Tegan just wanted to use his position as the sect leader’s son to pressure the guards into listening to him. Otherwise, it was way too difficult to get into this prison.

“I did not receive such an order,” insisted the guard. “Please leave now!”

Tegan was furious and gave the guard two tight slaps on the face.

“Did you not understand what I just said? How dare you go against me!”

Nobody had ever dared to go against him.

Did nobody in Clearheart Sect listen to him anymore?

The guard’s eyes teared up slightly from the pain and the other guards wanted to rush forward to help him. But he remained stern and clenched his teeth as he righteously declared again, “I did not receive such an order!”

“Please leave right now. Otherwise, we have to take action!”

Tegan was ready to fight with him, but Gareth held him back.

They were in the Disciplinary Hall, so they weren’t allowed to fight here.

They had no choice but to leave.

“What are we going to do now? If we can’t get into the prison, there’s no way we can help Elder Jorge,” sighed Gareth. “This Helis is being ridiculous too. Would he rather watch Clearheart Sect get destroyed?”

They were very frustrated, and they finally realized what sort of position they had within Clearheart Sect.


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