Billionaire God of War Chapter 2070

Chapter 2070

Two pieces of trash.

Two pieces of trash.


These words continued to echo in Tegan and Gareth’s ears.

And it stabbed their hearts deeply.

Since when did anyone dare to speak like this to them?

He said they were trash?

And even hit them!

The two of them were so taken aback by this that they ignored the stinging pain on their faces and glared straight at Ethan with fire spewing from their eyes.

“You…” Gareth wanted to stand, but after Ethan glared at him, Gareth dared not move anymore. His legs seemed to be nailed to the ground.


Ethan looked at them like they were really trash.

Even if he slapped them twice now, they wouldn’t even have the guts to fight back.

Before the two of them could do anything, Ethan left with his men.

They suddenly felt a humiliation wash over them, and they wished they could find a hole to hide themselves in right now!

“Ethan!” roared Tegan as he clenched his fists. His knuckles were white and his veins bulged. “I want you to die!”

The gate that was just shut got kicked open from outside again.

Ethan’s face appeared in front of Tegan and Gareth again, making them stop breathing almost immediately. Everything they wanted to say was all stuck inside their throats and they dared not utter a word.

“You want me dead?”

Ethan narrowed his eyes and unleashed his murderous aura slowly. The air in the courtyard froze over and it was almost impossible to breathe.

“Are you for real?”

He stared at Tegan and Gareth, and his voice was extremely cold. He started walking towards them again, and both Tegan and Gareth instantly paled.

“Don’t come over! Don’t come any nearer!” shouted Gareth.

A nutcase!

Ethan was definitely a nutcase!

Did Ethan dare to kill them both?

He really did!

Ethan stopped walking and scoffed coldly. He didn’t hide the disdain on his face and even looked provokingly at both of them before turning to walk away coolly.

He didn’t even bother closing the gate behind him this time. Tegan and Gareth were still on the ground and they looked a mess.

They didn’t dare to say anything threatening now.

They just sat there until several minutes had passed. Once they were sure Ethan must have gone pretty far, they breathed a sigh of relief.

During that short period of time, their backs were already soaked in cold sweat.

“He’s…he’s nuts, right?” said Gareth with a shaky voice.

“He’s nuts.” Tegan shook his head. His voice was weak and drained of all energy.

The two of them finally got up after a long time. The more they thought about what happened, the more indignant and angry they became too.

They were the sons of the sect leader, and they were supposed to be the pillars of Clearheart Sect in the future. But now, Ethan had beaten them up! Ethan was merely marrying into the family, and even if Lacey were their biological younger sister, Ethan would still be unqualified to do such a thing!

“Let’s go!” Tegan was indignant. “I don’t think Father would just allow his sons to be beaten up just like that!”

Were they worth less than Ethan to Liam?

They didn’t think so!

It wasn’t possible!

The two of them went straight to look for Liam because they couldn’t stand it at all. If they were trampled upon and humiliated so easily by Ethan, then they wouldn’t have any place in Clearheart Sect at all.

When they reached their father’s quarters, someone blocked them at the door.

“We’re sorry, but Chief O’Clear is now busy and is unable to see both of you.” The guards at the entrance stopped the two brothers.

“We have an urgent matter to talk to Chief O’Clear about!” Tegan was getting frustrated. “I want to see my own father and you’re stopping me from doing so?!”

“Chief O’Clear is seeing someone important right now and told us not to allow anyone to interrupt his meeting,” said the guard.

“Move aside!” Tegan and Gareth weren’t having any of this.

They hadn’t heard about any important visitors to Clearheart Sect, so who would Liam be meeting?

Tegan pushed the guards aside and charged in with Gareth.

They were already angry to begin with, so they simply couldn’t stand hearing that there was someone more important than themselves.


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