Billionaire God of War Chapter 2071

Chapter 2071

Tegan and Gareth went straight to the study. Another two guards were standing outside the door and their expressions immediately darkened.

“Chief O’Clear is having an important meeting! How dare the two of you barge in like this!”

“We want to see Father!” shouted Tegan angrily. “Move aside!”

“How dare you!”

The guards drew their swords and didn’t bother being polite. Even though they were faced with Tegan and Gareth, they weren’t going to give way.

Those were the rules!

Anyone who tried to break the rules had to pay the price.

“I’ll see how you’re going to stop me!” roared Tegan as he lost any bit of rationality he had left. Both Tegan and Gareth rushed at the guards.

They were determined to go in and see exactly who was so important that Liam had to meet him before his own two biological sons.

But the two guards didn’t really dare to hurt Tegan and Gareth. When they watched the two brothers dash towards them like they had lost their minds, they had to take a step back.

The door of the study suddenly opened.

Tegan looked up to see Liam walk out with a nasty expression on his face.

“What is this nonsense?!” he shouted fiercely. “What are the two of you trying to do?”

Liam’s voice was filled with unmistakable fury.

“Do you know what is the penalty for barging into the house of the sect leader?” he continued sternly. “Have you forgotten the rules of Clearheart Sect?”

“Father!” called out Tegan.

He didn’t call him ‘Chief’ but ‘Father’, because he was now here as a son who was indignant that he didn’t have status in the sect even though his father was the sect leader.

He was really indignant about it!

“Shut up!” shouted Liam. “In this place, you ought to call me Chief!”

“I really didn’t expect both of you to behave like this and disregard the rules of the sect. Did you think I really wouldn’t punish you two?”

“Men!” He called out and a few guards came running over.

Tegan and Gareth’s expressions paled. They didn’t think Liam was serious about it.

Did he really intend to send his sons to become Sinners?

Their faces turned deathly pale at the thought of this.

“Chief O’Clear, please don’t be angry!” said Gareth hurriedly. “We just have a very important matter to report to you, and that’s why we barged in. Please don’t be angry!”

He immediately knelt down and his eyes were bloodshot as a miserable expression covered his face.

“An important matter?” Liam scoffed coldly. “And what important matter could the both of you possibly have?”

“We’ve been…we’ve been beaten up!” Gareth clenched his teeth. “We’ve been hit by someone else!”

Wasn’t this an important matter?

Even if Liam didn’t care about whether they were his sons or not, beating someone else up within the sect was against the rules as well, so Liam couldn’t possibly protect Ethan and not punish Ethan, right?

“Who hit both of you?” asked Liam.

“I did.”

Before Tegan and Gareth could reply, a voice came out from inside the study.

Ethan then slowly sauntered out from the study. Tegan and Gareth were both stunned to see him.


Why was he here?

Was Ethan the important person Liam was meeting earlier?

“I was about to talk to you about this matter,” said Ethan as he looked at Liam and didn’t even bother looking at the two brothers. “They hit one of my men, and worse, they wanted to barge into the prison of the Disciplinary Hall. As for what they wanted to do there, I don’t know.”

“That’s something that you should be asking them, Chief O’Clear.”

The prison of the Disciplinary Hall?

Liam’s expression darkened even further.

Of course he knew what his sons were probably up to.

He could close an eye on almost everything else, but if these two tried to betray Clearheart Sect…

“Kneel down!” roared Liam furiously.

“Father!” Tegan was so upset. Liam believed anything that Ethan said but nothing his own two sons said did anything?

“I told both of you to kneel down!” Liam was really angry now. “Barging into the prison of the Disciplinary Hall is a crime punishable by death!”


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