Billionaire God of War Chapter 2072

Chapter 2072

When they heard the words ‘punishable by death’, Tegan and Gareth’s faces were void of color.


“Shut up!” roared Liam angrily. “I already said so earlier! You must call me Chief O’Clear! There is no father in this place! Only leader of the sect!”

Both of them knelt in front of Liam.

Neither of them expected Liam to be this angry and to be this strict with them.

“Barge into the Disciplinary Hall? Two of you are really bold! Are you trying to stage a rebellion?” Liam scoffed coldly. “Are the rules of Clearheart Sect just there for show?”

Neither brother dared to speak.

They were here to complain, but Ethan was now standing to one side completely unscathed, while the two of them were kneeling on the floor as they were reprimanded and even possibly punished!

Ethan wasn’t bothered at all and didn’t even look at Tegan and Gareth.

“Chief O’Clear, we know our mistake,” said Gareth.

He knew that any attempts at defending themselves now was meaningless and it would only make Liam even angrier.

Admitting to their mistake and closing the case now was the best thing to do.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences if this matter blew up!

“You know your mistake?” Liam looked down at the two boys and was still furious.

He really didn’t expect his own sons to make such a mistake.

The sect was going through a big clean up and nobody wanted to end up getting cleaned out.

All the elders had started behaving themselves lately. Nobody dared to say too much, and didn’t dare to make flippant remarks anymore.

But these two actually thought of barging into the Disciplinary Hall?

This was one of the worst crimes they could possibly commit and they actually did it!

“Do both of you know your mistake?” He looked at both Tegan and Gareth.

“Yes, we both know our mistake.”

Gareth secretly tugged at Tegan’s clothes to tell him not to argue back. If they admitted it now and Liam was appeased, they would be fine.

“We both know our mistake.” Tegan grit his teeth and glanced at Ethan indignantly. He wished he could just dash over and beat Ethan to death.

Tegan admitted his mistake with his words, but he wasn’t going to admit it in his heart.

What was Ethan compared to him?

Ethan’s status was nothing compared to himself!

He was going to wait till Liam was no longer angry, then he was going to settle this score with Ethan.

“Alright, since both of you know that you were wrong, then I won’t ask anymore.” Liam’s face suddenly darkened. “Call Helis over!”

“Yes, Chief!” The guard ran out immediately.

“Chief O’Clear, we already know our mistake, so why…”

“Since you two know your mistake, then you should also know that there’s a price for breaking the rules.” Liam’s words were flat, but the fury in his voice was still apparent. “The two of you are my sons, but you openly went against the rules and challenged the rules that our forefathers left for us, so you two are guilty of a worse crime!”

Tegan’s eyes widened.

“Chief O’Clear…”

“So I must punish you harder than the rest!”

Gareth went into a panic.

He thought that if he owned up, then they would be fine. But it seemed like this wasn’t the case at all.

“Father!” Gareth cried out before noticing that Liam looked even angrier, then he quickly corrected himself, “Chief O’Clear, we are guilty and we have made a mistake. But this is our first time, so please give us a chance! We won’t do this again!”

“We won’t do this again!”

Liam shut his eyes.

He was really disappointed now.

The two of them were still hoping for him to forgive them and let them off?

They didn’t even have any sense of responsibility, and didn’t have the courage to bear the consequences of their wrongdoing either.

He was so disappointed.

He couldn’t be more disappointed than this.

“Chief O’Clear!” Tegan grit his teeth and his eyes were bloodshot. “Are we the only ones who are in the wrong? You mean he’s not in the wrong at all?”

He pointed at Ethan and his entire body started trembling. “He’s brought such a huge disaster upon Clearheart Sect, and you mean that’s not a crime?”


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