Billionaire God of War Chapter 2073

Chapter 2073

“You mean his crime is less than ours?”

Ethan just glanced at Tegan with a disdainful smile. He wasn’t even interested in explaining himself at all.

Liam shook his head even harder.

“Chief O’Clear.” Helis came in shortly after.

He was already waiting outside.

These two silly boys really didn’t know how much trouble they were in. But it wasn’t a bad thing either. If they weren’t ever taught a lesson, they wouldn’t mature.

“What’s the punishment for barging into the prison of the Disciplinary Hall?” Liam asked Helis.

“The punishment is to become a Sinner for 30 years,” said Helis with a straight face.

His words made the hearts of both Tegan and Gareth sink.

Be a Sinner for 30 years?

Their futures would be ruined!

30 years!

“But they didn’t cause any grave consequences, so perhaps Chief O’Clear can consider giving them a lighter sentence,” said Helis deliberately as he glanced at the two boys.

Tegan and Gareth nodded gratefully when they heard Helis try to put in a good word for them.

“A lighter sentence?” Liam scoffed coldly.

“I can only make it heavier!

“I really wish I could just kill both of you right now!”

Liam raised his hand and his palm was trembling. His incredibly furious gaze made both Tegan and Gareth start shaking uncontrollably.

They had never seen that sort of disappointment in their father’s eyes before.

They never knew that Liam was this disappointed in them.

“Both of you are my sons, but instead of taking up the responsibility of taking care of the sect, you only care about your own benefit. If your worldview is so narrow, then I can’t leave the future of Clearheart Sect to the two of you.”

“And now, the two of you don’t even know what sort of dangers Clearheart Sect is facing! You still childishly think that if you put yourselves in a lower position and butter up to someone more powerful, you might have a chance to survive. How childish!”

Liam’s fury only intensified. “If the two of you weren’t my children, I wouldn’t have cared so much. But both of you are my sons!”

He really wished he could just slap them right now.

Tegan and Gareth didn’t say anything. There was nothing left for them to say since they had been criticized publicly like this.

“You two think that Ethan has done something wrong, and that’s all you see,” sighed Liam. “If you’re both so shortsighted, what can you achieve in the future?”

He looked at Ethan but Ethan didn’t meet his eye.

Ethan didn’t want to be involved in this matter. Clearheart Sect needed to change and Liam was fundamental to this change. His two sons were even more fundamental to this change, but this wasn’t the time for Ethan to say anything.

He knew that these two fellows probably hated him to the core right now.

“I’m going to sentence the two of you to 50 years as a Sinner,” said Liam coldly.

These words were like a bolt from the blue that struck Tegan and Gareth so hard that their bodies nearly froze over and they felt numb all over!

50 years?

They would still be a Sinner even when they died!

“Chief O’Clear!”


Both of them immediately exclaimed at the same time.

“I’m going to take everything away from you two, including your identities,” said Liam as he looked at them. “The two of you are not worthy to be my sons.”

He didn’t say anymore and went back into the study, leaving Tegan and Gareth with no expression or even color left on their faces.

“Father!” Both of them shouted loudly at the same time.

But the study door was shut fast and Liam pretended not to hear them.

“It’s you! It’s all because of you!”

Tegan bounced up from the floor and dashed towards Ethan as he swung his fists.

Since he was going to become a Sinner, it didn’t matter if he died here anymore.

He swung his fists fiercely towards Ethan like he had gone mad.

But Ethan slapped him right onto the floor.

“Trying to fight me? You’re not worthy to do that.” Ethan looked at Tegan sprawled on the floor. “You’d better think about it carefully. After living like this all your lives, the two of you are really nothing but a bunch of cowards.”

He shook his head and left. Tegan and Gareth were left behind on the floor with bloodshot eyes, but their tears refused to flow.


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