Billionaire God of War Chapter 2074

Chapter 2074

They had been sentenced to becoming Sinners for the next five decades. That was as good as the end of their lives.

“Father! Father!” Gareth cried loudly and couldn’t accept this result.

They had merely made a mistake. In the past, they were always forgiven and given a chance, so why not this time?

They remained on their knees as they tried to make their way into the study, but Helis immediately blocked their way.

“If you keep this up, then even the sect leader won’t be able to save you.”

Tegan clenched his teeth. “Is he saving us now? He’s destroying us!”

Helis’ face darkened.

“You are the ones destroying yourselves!” He didn’t bother being polite anymore. “The two of you are the Chief’s sons, but have you ever shared his burden at all?”

“Besides fighting between yourselves and forming your own little camps for the sake of that little bit of gain, what else have you done? Did you think Chief O’Clear has no idea about these things?”

“Those things you’ve done are real crimes! Those are crimes that would get you publicly executed!”

His words hit the two of them like a bolt of lightning.

They instantly became more alert.

Liam had known about all these things all along, but he was too disappointed to bother about them.

And the two of them still thought that they had done a good job of hiding their tracks.

Helis sighed and reached out to help the two stunned young men to their feet. “You might not understand what Chief O’Clear is doing now and how he’s actually helping you, but you will understand in due time.”

“Sending you away as Sinners and casting you out as far from Clearheart Sect as possible is the best way he can protect both of you.”

He waved his hand and didn’t want to say anything anymore. “Come along, I’ll send you two there myself.”

Tegan and Gareth both shuddered.

Protect the two of them?

The best way to protect them?

“Helis, are you saying that Clearheart Sect is going to face a terrible crisis?”

They had offended Titan Sect and would have no choice but to suffer Titan Sect’s wrath. If the two sects went to war, Clearheart Sect had no chance of winning.

Liam wanted to protect them, so he got Ethan to do something that would force them to make a mistake, then send them to be Sinners so that they would be in a place far from Clearheart Sect?

“Come along now!”

Helis didn’t want to say anything anymore and just hurried them along. But this made the two of them feel even more guilty.

Liam wasn’t trying to destroy them. He was actually trying to protect them.

And they…what on earth had they done?!

“Helis, let us see Father! Let us see him!” shouted Gareth loudly.

“We can’t just leave! We can’t leave at a time like this!”

“Clearheart Sect is in trouble, so how could we just hide ourselves like that?”

Tegan refused to budge and grabbed hold of Helis’ hand. “Let us see Father! I’ll beg him!”

“Even if I’m going to die, I’m going to die in Clearheart Sect! I’m not going anywhere!”

“Men!” Helis ignored their cries and called for his men. A dozen guards came running over immediately. “Send these two to the Sinners area.”

“Yes, Helis!”

The guards didn’t hesitate and dragged Tegan and Gareth away.

Helis just pretended he didn’t hear their shouts.

“At least they can still be saved.” He sighed, then walked into the study.

Ethan was sitting in the study and drinking tea leisurely, while Liam’s expression was rather complex.

It was clear that he felt bad for doing this to his own children.

But failing to teach them well was his fault as their father.

And now, he had to use such a method to hone them. If it worked out, then it was worth it. But what if it failed?

Then he would have sent Clearheart Sect’s future to its grave!

“I’ve already sent them off,” said Helis as he looked at both men in the room.

“From the looks of it, they can still be saved. You’re not going to give them a chance?”

Liam didn’t say anything and just looked at Ethan.

“What’s the hurry?” said Ethan calmly. “If you don’t hone their character, they won’t suddenly become mature.”

“How long do we have to hone them for?” asked Helis.


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