Billionaire God of War Chapter 2076

Chapter 2076

Gaspar Alpin had no regard for Clearheart Sect at all.

Clearheart Sect could be disregarded in their present state. All he needed was a chance and a legitimate reason to infiltrate and take over Clearheart Sect.

Everyone knew about the great secret that Clearheart Sect was hiding. Besides guarding the mountain gate, they had even more tempting treasures within.

Even though they didn’t have the treasure map and couldn’t find the exact location, taking over their entire sect’s area was the most important thing to do now.

Gaspar opened his eyes and looked at the other elders in front of him.

“If Clearheart Sect dares to go against us, then we’ll prepare to fight,” he said calmly. “Whether Titan Sect is able to go one level higher or not will depend on this.”

“Yes, Chief Gaspar!”

Everyone present was the core of Titan Sect, so they all knew that Titan Sect had reached a bottleneck. If they wanted to become more powerful, they would need more resources.

The people behind the mountain gate were split into sects, and they had a number of pretty good resources here. But the further into the mountain they went, the harder it became to get more resources.

Even a powerful fighter like Gaspar wasn’t qualified to even step into the core zone.

The only thing they could count on now was to go outside of the mountain gate and search for more resources to make Titan Sect a hundred times more powerful than before!

After all, the resources in the core zone were the most tempting.

But one had to have real ability to get there. Otherwise, you would only send yourself to your death, and even possibly send your entire sect to death!

So many years had passed, and many sects had attempted to explore the core zone, but nobody had ever managed to come back with anything good. All they heard was how another sect got their retribution, and how an entire sect disappeared overnight…

Gaspar leaned against his chair. Going one big round to gain control of Clearheart Sect in order to take resources from outside the mountain gate was something that he had no choice but to do.

It was the only thing that these sects could do now.

There was no way for life within the mountain gate to stabilize. Either you improved or you declined, and if you didn’t get rid of the others around you, someone else would get rid of you!

Going to war was fine with him. After all, Titan Sect was stronger and they had the advantage of being the first sect to attack Clearheart Sect.

Leroy Eaton brought a dozen Portico disciples from their sect and headed for Clearheart Sect.

On one hand, this was a good experience for the disciples. On the other hand, he wanted the disciples to know that Clearheart Sect was nothing in front of Titan Sect.

“This time, I’m going to show all of you what the pride of Titan Sect is,” said Leroy Eaton.

“Yes, Elder Leroy!” the disciples responded with great arrogance.

They all knew that they were going to Clearheart Sect to throw their weight about.

All of them were waiting to trample all over this useless Clearheart Sect. They weren’t only going to trample the sect, but they also wanted the Clearheart Sect to look up at them and be happy about getting trampled.

The sects never bothered about being polite to one another. Their prowess spoke for itself.

Without true ability, then the sect had nothing and the sect was worthless.

Leroy Eaton looked at the disciples that had come along with him this time. They were the future of Titan Sect and their cream of the crop.

Clearheart Sect would never have dreamt of this.

But it was too bad that no matter what amazing conditions Clearheart Sect tried to offer these people, none of them would want to go to Clearheart Sect.

“We’re here.” Leroy stood below the gate to Clearheart Sect and looked up at the huge signboard on top.

The words ‘Clearheart Sect’ were carved into the rock and were filled with great energy and an imposing aura!

But to the group from Titan Sect, this energy and aura had already faded a long time ago.

“Elder Leroy, aren’t we going in?” asked one of the disciples.

“We’ll wait for them to come out and receive us,” said Leroy calmly with his eyes half closed arrogantly.

Why should he go in by himself?

Since representatives from Titan Sect were here, then the sect leader of Clearheart Sect ought to come out and receive them himself, right?

Since Clearheart Sect had actually locked up an elder of Titan Sect, they were probably regretting it now and were hoping to find a good reason to wriggle their way out of this sticky situation.

But Leroy wasn’t going to let them find a reason so easily.


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