Billionaire God of War Chapter 2078

Chapter 2078

Nobody would tolerate being trampled upon and peed on.

All the elders were red in the face and ears, as if they had already been humiliated by Titan Sect.

Actually, they had already been humiliated before this.

Ethan looked at them and said calmly, “The Senior Elder asked me what I thought, and I just shared my opinion. If any of you have any other ideas, then you can go ahead with them.”

“After all, all of you are the elders of this sect. You can decide what the future of Clearheart Sect looks like.”

After he finished saying that, he continued pouring tea for himself and looked completely relaxed.

It was as if the future of Clearheart Sect had nothing to do with him.

It was true that to the elders, the future of Clearheart Sect had nothing to do with Ethan.

But it had everything to do with themselves!

“Let them wait!” The Senior Elder finally slammed the armrest.

His expression was furious and his anger was very apparent. Ethan had put it very crudely and directly, but it was the actual situation they were in.

Nobody liked or accepted the feeling of being trampled upon.

The Clearheart Sect of the past enjoyed a very high position within the mountain and they held a very special position too, so nobody dared to be disrespectful towards them. But after so many years, things had changed!

Everything had changed.

They watched as Clearheart Sect slowly went on a decline. Initially they didn’t want to admit it and didn’t want to accept this as reality. They even tried to lie to themselves that everything would get better.

But in the end, things got worse and worse, and their hearts started to waver.

They even started feeling extremely upset with their own sect and started thinking about escaping and betraying the sect!

All the elders looked at each other and felt like they could see their true selves in each other.

“We’ll let them wait!” Liam agreed.

He had waited for the Senior Elder to speak not because Clearheart Sect required the Senior Elder to have the final say, but because his words would help to unite everyone’s stance, and that was more important than anything else.

Liam glanced at Ethan and saw that he was still leisurely drinking his tea. But just a few words from Ethan had such an amazing effect.

Those words sounded flippant but they weren’t. Ethan had accurately grasped everybody’s emotions and caught even the slightest changes, so he was able to say such attention grabbing words.

If he wasn’t watching Ethan closely, it might be hard to notice this ability of his.

Even though the Senior Elder had seen many things in life already and knew that Ethan was deliberately manipulating others with his words, he would still believe what Ethan said.

That’s because Ethan was pointing out the truth.

“We’ll let them wait then!”

“Just let them wait!”

“If they aren’t willing to come in, they can wait!”

The elders all started agreeing as they clenched their fists tightly with fury on their faces.

Even if they couldn’t fight, they had to protect their dignity. Nobody was going to drop out from the team now.

Otherwise, besides losing their own dignity, they would also lose the respect of everyone in the sect.

Ethan looked around and just smiled faintly but didn’t say anything.

He nodded at the captain of the guards standing at the door. The captain got the message and nodded in return, then turned and left.


Elder Leroy and the other disciples of Titan Sect were still standing outside the Clearheart Sect gate.

He closed his eyes and still looked calm.

But the messenger at the gate had already left for so long. Why wasn’t he back yet?

“Elder Leroy, they haven’t come out yet,” one of the disciples frowned and was clearly losing patience. “Even the messenger hasn’t come back yet. What do they mean by this?”

They had waited for a very long time now, but they hadn’t seen a single person come out yet.

Never mind Liam and those elders – even the guards who ran in to inform the sect leader about their arrival had disappeared completely. It was as if they had gone home for the day rather than to pass a message on.

“It’s fine. They don’t want to look too desperate either. If they take longer, it doesn’t look as bad on them,” said Elder Leroy calmly.

He continued to stand there as straight as a sword. There was no particular expression on his face, but he was already getting angry inside.

Did these members of Clearheart Sect want to save their pride?

Humph! He was going to make sure their pride was trampled upon hard, thought Elder Leroy to himself.


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