Billionaire God of War Chapter 2080

Chapter 2080

The guards had no idea what five stars meant, but they knew that Ethan wanted them to do it.

They knew exactly how to deal with these visitors of theirs!

“Hurry up! Hurry up!” Leroy looked awful. Even though he was a good fighter, his arms and legs weren’t definitely nowhere fast enough to chase away all the mountain mosquitoes that had come for him.

His face was red and swollen with so many little red dots. They looked both comical and gross at the same time.

The other disciples were in even worse shape. Their own parents might not even recognize their own children now.

All their faces were as swollen as a pig’s head, and swollen red spots covered every inch of their face.

“AHHH! My face! My face!”

“Elder Leroy, what are we going to do? Save us!”

All the disciples were going crazy.

The pain of being bitten by these mosquitoes was negligible, but there was no way they could ignore the swelling and the itchiness that came with these bites!

It was impossible to endure it.

They couldn’t help but scratch their faces nonstop, but the more they scratched themselves, the more itchy they felt. They were like anxious monkeys that kept jumping up and down but couldn’t do anything about their situation.

Leroy had to maintain his image so he tried his best not to scratch himself. But the itch was hard to bear, so his face would twitch uncontrollably.

“Where’s Chief O’Clear?” he asked through gritted teeth.

There were guards outside the main hall and the guards didn’t let them in.

We’ve already sent someone in to inform Chief O’Clear, so please wait here,” said the guard with a straight face as he tried his best not to laugh.

They were very professional and had learnt to keep a straight face in all situations, but sometimes it was hard to control.

“Wait?! How much longer must we wait?” Leroy was very frustrated now. “I’ve waited at the main gate for so long already! Why isn’t Chief O’Clear coming out?”

The guard remained expressionless.

“Tell him to come out now!” yelled Leroy. “Now!”

“We’ve already sent someone in to pass the message on, please wait here,” the guard repeated his previous answer.

He had learnt this from Ethan. In such situations, he just had to stick to the orders he had received.

Leroy was almost going mad with anger.

He wanted to curse at the guard, but held it in. He raised a hand and scratched the air, but finally couldn’t resist scratching his own face.

Just that little scratch made him jump up.

It was so itchy!

AHHHH! It was sooooo itchy!

Elder Leroy couldn’t stand it anymore and kept scratching at himself. He started bleeding from the scratching.

“Hurry up and give me some medication! Medication for these things!” he yelled, but the guard remained expressionless.

He didn’t have any medication, and even if he did, he wasn’t giving it to these people.

“Where’s Chief O’Clear?” yelled Elder Leroy. He felt like he was going mad soon.

“We’ve already sent someone to pass the message on, please wait here,” repeated the guard before taking two steps back.

“AHHHH!” Elder Leroy started jumping about as he scratched his face.

The other disciples he brought were also jumping and scratching their faces.

They looked so hilarious.

The guards were all red in the face from trying to hold their laughter. Their cheeks were going to burst soon. It was hard for them to endure this too!

When they heard the entire group howling and wailing outside, Liam and the rest inside the main hall felt this glee from their misfortune.

But they couldn’t show it on their faces.

“I think that’s quite enough.” Liam stood up, and the other elders also stood up.

If they waited any longer, Elder Leroy might really have a nervous breakdown.

Everyone in Clearheart Sect knew very well how terrible these mountain mosquitoes were. They didn’t dare to go out into the mountains without any form of insect repellant.

But Ethan remained seated and didn’t look like he was going to get up.

“Let them come in themselves.” He fiddled with the teacup. “Since they’re not willing to come in, then just let them keep waiting. Why are all of you going out?”

He just rolled his eyes at them.

There was no need to give in at this juncture.

After all, the ones who were having a hard time were Elder Leroy and the rest outside.

Liam was stunned and looked seriously at Ethan. He wanted them to stay here?


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