Billionaire God of War Chapter 2082

Chapter 2082

After applying the medication on his face, Leroy immediately felt much better and there was even a cool feeling on his skin, so he felt refreshed in an instant.

This felt great!

He closed his eyes and his body trembled slightly. He finally felt alive again.

“Give it to me! Give me the last dose!”

When the other disciples saw that the medication was really effective, they started fighting each other for the last two doses.

“Move aside! Give it to me!”

“Give it to ME! I’m the disciple of the Senior Elder, so I get to use it first!”

“Nonsense! I’m the Third Elder’s favorite disciple, I get to use it first!”

“Shut up and go away! The medication is mine!”

There were only two doses, so only two of them could use it.

Anyone who was too slow would have no medication and would have to endure the terrible itch from the mosquito bites.

In that instant, all of them started fighting one another physically, and the fight got more and more intense. It was as if they had all gone mad.

But then again, the itch from the mosquito bites were really driving them insane!

“Stop it!” shouted Leroy. His face was red from being so angry and so disgraced by these men.

These disciples had forsaken their image and embarrassed Titan Sect in front of Clearheart Sect!

“I said, stop it!”

But no matter how loudly he shouted, none of them were willing to stop.

They really couldn’t stand it anymore. It was harder to endure itchiness than pain.

They could still take it if it was pain from injuries or illness. But an itch like this was almost impossible to endure. It felt as though a thousand ants had found their way into their bones and were gnawing away at their bones.

Leroy got really angry and slapped the disciples aside, then took the last two doses away.

“None of you are allowed to have the medication!” he shouted angrily. “You’re all going to endure it! Endure it!”

The ten odd disciples watched Leroy confiscate the medication and wanted to beg for it, but didn’t dare to.

Elder Leroy had already applied the medication on himself and was relieved of his itch. But they hadn’t!

They were still scratching themselves like mad, but scratching their faces made the itch even worse.

There were two doses available, but Leroy had denied them of these doses.

“Elder Leroy! Give us the medication! Please!”

“That’s right! At least we can all use a little bit each! It’s really awful and I’m really going nuts soon!”

“I really can’t stand it anymore! AHHH!!”

Some of the disciples were suffering so badly that they started rolling around on the floor.

“Chief O’Clear!”

Leroy’s expression darkened and his body trembled. He wasn’t stupid. He could tell that Clearheart Sect had purposely done this to them.

“Are you really going to watch my disciples die from their suffering like that?”

He didn’t believe that all of Clearheart Sect was really left with only three doses of the medication.

“Of course I wouldn’t watch them suffer like that.” Liam sighed. He wasn’t going to watch them. He’d just go elsewhere while they died.

“But we really only have these three doses left. I’ll be honest with you – I have other disciples who’ve been bitten as well and they have to deal with no medication too. I’ve really given you these last three doses.”

Of course he left out the part about how the Clearheart Sect disciples only had one or two bites each, so it was much easier to endure. This group from Titan Sect had been bitten by a huge swarm.

Leroy’s expression was nasty. He could hear the howls and screams of his disciples, but there was nothing he could do about it.

“Just wait for a while longer.” Liam sighed. “We should have more tomorrow, we’ve cranked up the production already.”

“Elder Leroy, I’ll get someone to lead you to your quarters to take a rest first.”

Leroy clenched his fists and was furious, but there was nothing he could say at all.

If they waited till tomorrow, his disciples would probably have no more skin left on their faces from all that scratching!

But since there were no more doses left, then what was he supposed to do? Rob them?

Even if he wanted to rob them, he had to know where they were kept first!

“I’ll have to trouble you then, Chief O’Clear,” growled Leroy.

Liam nodded and turned to Ethan. “Ethan, I’ll leave Elder Leroy and his men in your care.”

Leroy glanced at Ethan. This young man looked rather ordinary, so he didn’t have any impression of Ethan.

But when the other elders heard Liam leave things in Ethan’s hands, they felt their hearts tremble.

Letting Ethan arrange things for Leroy was really going to do these visitors of theirs in.

Ethan was definitely going to torture them to death!


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