Billionaire God of War Chapter 2083

Chapter 2083

Ethan smiled as he slowly got up and nodded. “Chief O’Clear, don’t worry. Since these are our guests, then I’ll make sure that they feel at home here. I’ll definitely give Elder Leroy and these seniors over here a five star home.”

Nobody understood what ‘five star home’ meant, but since the word ‘home’ was included, it should be a pretty decent place, right?

He walked closer to Elder Leroy and looked at how their faces were covered with so many bites and couldn’t help but exclaim in his heart, “These mountain mosquitoes are really awful. Even the mosquitoes behind the mountain gate aren this scary.”

Ethan clasped his hands together politely and said, “Elder Leroy, please follow me. I’ve already prepared a place for everyone to stay for the night. Once the medication is ready tomorrow, Chief O’Clear will get someone to send it over as soon as possible.”

“Fine.” Leroy nodded and didn’t say anything. He followed behind Ethan and led his fellow disciples who were still screaming and scratching along as well.

The main hall became very silent after they left.

Liam remained seated without saying a word, and finally sighed after a long time.

“Ethan is really vicious.”

“That was a really vicious move. Instead of killing them with pain, he’s killing them with itchiness.”

“How did he even come up with this? I’ve never thought of gathering the mosquitoes together like that. Thinking about it gives me the chills already!”

All the elders shuddered.

They couldn’t imagine what it must have felt like for an entire swarm of mountain mosquitoes to attack a person. Just the terrible sound of their wings flapping through the air to create that swooshing sound was enough to make all their hair stand on end.

“What about the medication?” asked the Senior Elder. Of course he knew very well that Clearheart Sect had more than three doses left.

“Ethan took everything away,” replied Liam honestly.

He didn’t know if Ethan had hidden it away or if he had thrown it out, or if he had other plans.

He couldn’t guess at all and he had no idea what Ethan was going to do next. He just knew that Leroy and his men were really unlucky for choosing this time to make trouble for Clearheart Sect.

Everyone started to pity the people who were now in Ethan’s care.

They actually started worrying for Elder Leroy and the rest.

At the back of the Clearheart Sect estate.

The environment was quiet and there were plenty of birds chirping and lush greenery.

“Elder Leroy, this place is very pleasant, so you will all feel better after settling down here,” introduced Ethan with a smile. “It’s very unpleasant to get bitten by mosquitoes, so if everyone quickly takes this time to bathe, you will feel better.”

He pointed to the waterfall in the distance. “However, please don’t go into the lake beneath the waterfall. All our drinking water comes from that lake, so if you bathe in there, then we’ll end up drinking your bathing water.”

Ethan looked very polite as he said all this. These people were guests, so of course he was going to be polite.

“Alright, alright, we get it.” Leroy was impatient and didn’t want to listen to Ethan go on anymore.

He had applied the medication on himself and felt much better, but everyone else was still suffering.

He waved his hands about and Ethan automatically clasped his hands before taking his leave.

“All of you, quickly go and have a bath first. I’ll let everyone have a little of these two doses of medication, so everyone can get some relief.”

After making their way to Clearheart Sect, everyone was covered in perspiration and that was already unbearable enough. After they got bitten so badly by the mosquitoes, they felt even worse.

Nobody could endure it any further. They started pulling their clothes off as they ran towards the bathhouse.

“Wouldn’t it be better to bathe in the lake? It’ll be so refreshing!” called out one of them. “We’ll let these idiots drink our bath water!”

Even if Ethan hadn’t mentioned anything about the lake, they already intended to bathe in there. But now that Ethan had actually told them why they shouldn’t do it, then they were definitely going to bathe in there. If everyone in Clearheart Sect ended up drinking their bath water, they would feel vindicated!

Leroy didn’t stop them because he was also very angry inside. He let the disciples head towards the lake at the bottom of the waterfall and they all jumped in after removing their clothes.

He pulled at his own clothes as well and thought, “I’d feel much better after a bath, I’m sure!”

Just as he walked to the side of the lake, the ten odd disciples were already enjoying themselves inside the cool water.

“AHH! Something…something bit me!” one of them suddenly jumped up and screamed loudly. There was a bloody wound on his butt!


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