Billionaire God of War Chapter 2084

Chapter 2084

That scream was bloodcurdling.

He jumped almost three feet high and his voice tore through the sky.

In no time, the lake water turned red and all of them started splashing about as they held onto their butts and ran like a bunch of madmen towards the shore.

“Help! Help! There’s something in the water!”

One of them yelled loudly enough, so Leroy hurriedly withdrew from the side of the lake. He was about to jump in already.

He watched as all the men just ran to the safety of the shore and were crying for help as blood flowed from their wounds.

Leroy was going to get a stroke from this sight.

“What’s happening?” he exclaimed as he quickly got dressed again.

All the disciples had bloodshot eyes as they cried and wailed. They really regretted coming to Clearheart Sect with Leroy.

They were here to show off and trample on Clearheart Sect, but none of that had happened at all. First they were bitten by the mountain mosquitoes and had to endure this awful itchiness, and now they had been bitten by something in the water on their butts, so they couldn’t even sit now.

Leroy looked down into the water and saw fish with sharp teeth swimming inside. There was even flesh still hanging on some of those fish’s teeth!

He felt his scalp go numb immediately.

If he had jumped in, and the place he got bitten wasn’t his butt but his…he suddenly felt a cramp in his lower half.

“What is all this?!” shouted Leroy loudly. His entire body was shaking from anger.

“What is Clearheart Sect trying to do?”

He was really going mad soon.

Ethan soon came running in.

Actually, he hadn’t left at all. He was just outside enjoying some pumpkin seeds while waiting for the terrible screams to start.

All the guards next to him were red in the face from holding their laughter in. But Ethan had trained them not to smile.

They had to remain as professional as possible.

“Oh goodness! How could something like this happen?!”

Ethan looked at the disciples from Titan Sect who were sprawling on the ground in pain. “Why did you try to bathe in the lake? Didn’t I already say that the lake is where we get our drinking water from?”

He frowned angrily at them and didn’t give Leroy any chance to get angry.

“Elder Leroy, you’ve really gone too far!”

“Are you trying to let Clearheart Sect drink your bathing water? How could you do such a thing?”

“There are carnivorous fish inside this lake, so how could all of you jump in to bathe?”

Ethan was filled with righteous anger.

These men had purposely bathed in water that they knew was meant to be drinking water for Clearheart Sect, so they were the ones who had done something unethical. Ethan was immediately on the moral high ground now.

He had no sympathy for them, and was furious instead.

Elder Leroy couldn’t argue back at all.

They were here to take revenge on Clearheart Sect in the first place. They didn’t think that something like that would happen.

“Why do you keep something like that in your drinking water?” he asked unhappily. “Why do you keep carnivorous fish? Someone might die!”

“But there are usually no humans in the lake,” replied Ethan. “When there is no meat for the fish to eat, they only eat seaweed and other plants in the lake. So what’s the problem?”

Ethan refused to back down.

“Since you’ve bathed inside the lake, what are we going to drink now?”

Ethan pointed at the bloodied water and looked disgusted. “Elder Leroy, you owe me an explanation!”

“Now is not the time to explain all this.” Leroy waved his hands impatiently. “Save them first!”

Leroy looked at how his disciples were all sprawled on the ground in such pain, and it really frustrated him.

He was in no mood to explain anything to Ethan now.

Not that he could explain it either anyway.

It was true that they had wanted to taint the water, so there was no point in trying to cover it up. Besides, the deed had already been done, so what could Clearheart Sect do about it?

“Hurry up and help them!” shouted Leroy angrily.

Things were turning out completely differently from what he had envisioned.

He thought that they could humiliate Clearheart Sect easily and force them to release Elder Jorge. But things turned out this way instead, and they ended up embarrassing themselves terribly.

“How do you want us to help them?” Ethan scoffed and glanced at the disciples on the ground with bloodied butts. “We don’t have medication for this sort of thing either.”


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