Billionaire God of War Chapter 2085

Chapter 2085

“No medication?” Leroy widened his eyes. “You mean you don’t even have medication for wounds?”

“No, we don’t,” replied Ethan calmly. “Clearheart Sect is very low on resources and we don’t have so much medication. I’m sure you know about this, right?”

He sighed, shook his head and turned to leave without saying anything. Leroy immediately grabbed hold of him.

“You don’t have any medication? Then what’s going to happen to my disciples?” asked Leroy.

“I’m afraid that you will have to quickly bring them back to Titan Sect,” said Ethan. “Clearheart Sect doesn’t have any facilities nor medication to treat them, so if you delay treatment…”

“…what if they become incapacitated?”

All the disciples on the ground paled and shuddered violently when they heard the word ‘incapacitated’.

Their injuries varied from person to person. Some of them got away with cuts, while the serious ones got a chunk of flesh bitten off. But either way, they were all superficial wounds.

The wounds were really bloody because those carnivorous fish had teeth that were as sharp as knives that cut flesh right off their bottoms.

“it wouldn’t be so bad if they were just superficial wounds. The problem is that these fish have poison on their teeth.” Ethan’s words struck them like lightning and all of them stiffened up. “The poison isn’t fatal, but it may affect one’s manhood, so it’s really…”

He purposely sighed and shook his head helplessly as he looked at the men on the ground. All the disciples looked like their souls were about to leave their bodies.

This poison could affect their manhood?

What crazy poison was this?!

Of course, it was a really mysterious and complex poison. They had only managed to come up with it after several days on Ethan’s instructions.

“What on earth?!” exclaimed Leroy. “There’s no such poison!”

“The world is so big, so all sorts of things exist. One of the Clearheart Sect disciples was unfortunate enough to be affected in the past,” said Ethan. “His little friend slowly became smaller and smaller until it finally disappeared.”

“So all of you had better think of a way to hurry back to Titan Sect.”

All the disciples quickly got to their feet like a bunch of lunatics and started crying to return to Titan Sect.

“Elder Leroy, we’d better go back as soon as possible!”

“We can’t…we still want our manhood!”

“Elder Leroy, why don’t you let us return first?”

Leroy’s face was livid. He didn’t expect things to turn out like this.

He wasn’t stupid and he could tell that this was definitely a trap set up by Clearheart Sect. But he didn’t think they were capable of doing things to this extent.

But now, they were the ones in the wrong for disregarding the warning and diving into the lake. So they had to bear the consequences of their actions.

“Our aim is to bring Elder Jorge back. How can we go back now?” He shook his head and turned their pleas down. “We’ll go back together when we get Elder Jorge out!”

“Elder Leroy!”

“Elder Leroy, then let’s get Elder Jorge out as soon as possible!”

“That’s right, we’ll bring Elder Jorge along with us!”

The disciples were in on this very quickly.

Leroy turned to look at Ethan. “Where is our Elder Jorge now?”

“He’s in the prison of the Disciplinary Hall.”

“Prison?!” Leroy’s expression darkened. “Humph! How dare you lock up an elder of Titan Sect! Hurry up and release him right now!”

There was no way he could make Liam send them back personally and apologize to Titan Sect now.

But it was more important to bring the elder back and quickly treat these disciples.

“Release him?” Ethan shook his head. “We can’t release him.”

“What did you say?” Leroy flew into a rage. “Why can’t you release him?”

“He’s killed someone,” replied Ethan calmly. “A life for a life. Why should we release him?”

He glanced at Leroy and scoffed coldly. “Don’t you know such simple logic?”

“I thought you knew about it. I thought you brought so many men along with you so that you could carry his dead body back more easily.”


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