Billionaire God of War Chapter 2087

Chapter 2087

These disciples were still important to the sect after all. Leroy had always held them in high regard, and he favored them the most in the entire sect.

“We are willing to follow Elder Leroy even till our deaths!” shouted all of them in unison.

Leroy nodded. That was the effect he wanted.

“I’m going to look for Liam now and get medication for all of you. If they refuse to give any to us, then I’m going to get nasty!”

He didn’t believe what Ethan said.

That was just a youngster he had never heard of, so Leroy wasn’t going to believe a word he said.

He refused to believe that Clearheart Sect had no medication and definitely did not believe that Clearheart Sect would execute Jorge.

Leroy didn’t delay any further. He immediately walked out to look for Liam.

But Liam had shut his door and refused to see anybody.

This was on Ethan’s instructions. Sometimes, remaining in hiding was really the best thing to do.

He stayed inside his study with a few dozen guards outside to make sure nobody came close.

“Ethan is really a vicious one.” Liam sighed. “This is forcing Clearheart Sect to completely fall out with Titan Sect.”

“But then again, the two sects had already fallen out a long time ago, but we just never officially fought each other.”

Liam knew very well that offending Titan Sect now was not a smart move.

They might even end up offending other sects by doing this. If the other sects joined hands to attack Clearheart Sect, then Clearheart Sect would definitely fall.

And if Clearheart Sect fell, the mountain gate they protected…

He narrowed his eyes and suddenly calmed down when his thoughts came to this.

“Ethan would never allow the guardians of the mountain gate to collapse.”

Ethan was probably more anxious and worried about this matter than he was.

After all, Ethan’s closest friends and family were outside the mountain gate, so Ethan would never let such a calamity happen.

“Oh forget it, I’ll just let him think about what to do.”

Liam sat down and started to study the herbs on hand.

He had promised Ethan that he would get him the antidote he needed, so he was going to hold up his end of the agreement.

In any case, Ethan had brought about a positive change in Clearheart Sect. This change was very significant too.

Ethan had been able to transform this place so much in such a short time. If Ethan stayed here for a few years, Clearheart Sect would change dramatically!

“I must return the favor that I ought to.”

That was a principle that Liam lived by.

Moreover, this antidote could save lives.

He stopped thinking about everything else and put aside all distractions in order to study the herbs. He was going to leave everything else to Ethan.

But if he knew that Ethan was going to be this aggressive and resolute, he might have gotten the shock of his life too.


At the prison of the Disciplinary Hall.

Helis had to bring Ethan in. Otherwise, even though the guards outside were groomed by Ethan, he couldn’t get in.

“Long time no see, Elder Jorge.”

Ethan saw Jorge sitting cross legged in his cell. Even though he was now considered one of the worst criminals in the world, he remained calm and didn’t seem bothered at all.

“Humph! Why, finally willing to release me now? It’s too late.” Jorge opened his eyes and said calmly, “You’ve basically slapped Titan Sect in the face by treating me like this. Did you think this matter could be settled just like that?”

Jorge was sure that Clearheart Sect wouldn’t dare to offend Titan Sect.

He was sure that Liam and the rest didn’t have this sort of guts.

“Elder Jorge, you’re overthinking it.” Ethan sighed. “I’m not here to release you.”

“What do you mean?”

Jorge’s expression changed.

He could see through the thoughts of Liam and the Senior Elder of Clearheart Sect. But this Ethan was too random and it was impossible to tell what he wanted to do next.

“I’m here to send food to you.” Ethan waved a hand. “This will be your last meal before we send you on your way.”


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