Billionaire God of War Chapter 2088

Chapter 2088

“How dare you!” Jorge stood up with a start and shouted angrily, “How dare you spout such nonsense!”

Send him on his way?

Not even Liam would have dared to say such a thing.

Was Clearheart Sect really unafraid of incurring Titan Sect’s wrath?

“I’m not spouting nonsense.”

Ethan waved his hand and the guard behind him walked over with a sumptuous meal on a tray.

Jorge felt his breathing quicken.

“There’s fish and there’s meat, and of course, there’s vegetables. One ought to have a balanced diet after all,” said Ethan. “It’s a good habit to keep even when you’ve reached the nether world. As one grows older, one’s diet becomes especially important.”

He nodded and the guard pushed the tray of food into the cell.

Jorge’s breathing quickened as he glared at Ethan. He smiled coldly, “You really dare to kill me?”

“If not?” Ethan didn’t bother being polite. “You didn’t treat a Clearheart Sect disciple like a human, and killed him just like that. Isn’t it only right for us to kill you in return?”

Why, you…”

Jorge pointed a finger at Ethan. “Excellent! Fine! I’m going to see if you really dare to kill me or not!”

He scoffed coldly and didn’t speak anymore.

He didn’t even look at the food.

He refused to believe it.

He refused to believe that Clearheart Sect would dare to kill him. These people were just putting on an act and were just trying to humiliate him.

If Clearheart Sect dared to kill an elder of Titan Sect, that was as good as declaring war. They would have to suffer the wrath of Titan Sect!

On top of that, the other sects would also take this chance to attack Clearheart Sect at the same time. Didn’t Liam know that this would definitely happen?

Jorge looked arrogantly at Ethan without any fear, as if he was very confident of this.

Ethan didn’t say anything and just nodded slightly.

After that, he walked away with the guards.

Jorge sat down again, glanced at the food, then slapped all the food off the tray, causing the tray and the bowls to break into several pieces.

He was going to remember the insult he suffered today, and make Clearheart Sect pay double for doing this!

Outside the prison.

Helis glanced at Ethan with a grim look on his face.

“Are we really going to kill him?”

“What, are you going to fake it?” said Ethan.

Of course they were going to kill Jorge. And they were going to execute him publicly for killing a disciple of Clearheart Sect!

Even though he didn’t like Marcel, he was still a disciple of Clearheart Sect after all.

If Clearheart Sect wanted to exert their authority and show the world what they were capable of, they had to do something to prove it.

If they didn’t seize such a good opportunity, it would be such a waste.

“Aren’t you afraid that Leroy and the rest would try to rescue him?” asked Helis.

Ethan suddenly burst out laughing, and his laughter made Helis feel all his hair stand on end.

It seemed like that was precisely what Ethan was waiting for.

“I get it.” Helis grit his teeth. “I’ll play this crazy game with you!”

“This damned Jorge thinks he’s somebody and thinks he calls the shots in Clearheart Sect? I’m going to bloody teach him the lesson of his life!”

Helis spun around and walked back to the prison.

Ethan glanced at him and smiled faintly.

If he had a cigarette now, the ambience would be just right.

He didn’t say anything and left.

Back in the prison.

Jorge continued to sit confidently in his cell next to the food that he had upset earlier.

He wasn’t eating it.

No way!

He refused to believe that Clearheart Sect would dare to take his life.

Suddenly, some smoke wafted in and Jorge immediately frowned slightly. The air was poisoned!

But before he could react in time, he felt giddy and lost consciousness.

After some time, the smoke cleared and Jorge lay motionless on the floor.

“Humph! Take him away,” snorted Helis in disdain after taking a look and waving to the guards.

There were a million and one torture devices in the prison which would make Jorge experience all the pain and suffering possible in life. If this man wasn’t going to confess to his crime, Helis was going to see how long Jorge could hold up for!


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