Billionaire God of War Chapter 2089

Chapter 2089


News had already gone out.

Jorge was to be executed!

All of Clearheart Sect was shaken up.

The Outer Court, Inner Court and Portico disciples were shocked, and even the elders were stunned beyond belief.

Ethan was really crazy!

Was he really going to kill Jorge?

And Ethan wanted a public execution no less.

Was he nuts?

He had to be.

None of the elders said anything because the Senior Elder didn’t say anything. That meant he approved of this.

Liam didn’t say anything either. He had locked himself in his room and left Ethan to decide on everything. Even if Ethan turned the whole world upside down, Liam wouldn’t ask a single question.

After all, he knew well that the person who was the most concerned about the world outside the mountain was Ethan himself.

When the news reached Leroy, he flew into a rage.

“Ridiculous! Audacious! Are they all tired of living?!” roared Leroy furiously. “Men! Come with me, we’re going to rescue Elder Jorge!”

He didn’t expect Ethan to dare to do this.

He was about to look for Liam again to get medication, and if Liam continued to keep his doors shut, Leroy was going to barge his way in. But now, something like this had happened.

All his disciples were still unable to walk properly. It was really difficult to heal well without proper treatment.

They looked awkward and pathetic as they hobbled behind Leroy.

But none of them dared to protest.

“They’re going to do this at the martial arts arena! We can’t let them do this!” said Leroy. “They aren’t fit to kill an elder of Titan Sect!”

The martial arts arena was already teeming with people.

All the disciples were here, and even those Sinners were here too.

Nobody would have thought that Clearheart Sect would do such a thing. In order to stand up and avenge a disciple’s death, they were even willing to kill an elder from Titan Sect!

“This Jorge is the elder who caused the death of Senior Marcel, right?”

“That’s him! He was in cahoots with Cid to kill off one of our best disciples!”

“How disgusting! Do they think that the lives of the disciples of Clearheart Sect are cheap and worthless? He deserves to die!”

“Don’t say such things so loudly. He’s an elder of Titan Sect after all. We can’t afford to offend these people.”

There were all sorts of opinions among the crowd.

Some of them couldn’t wait to chop Jorge’s head off personally, while some of them felt that the sect was blowing up the matter unnecessarily.

There were some who were quarrelling because they disagreed with one another.

“What’s there to argue about?” someone yelled loudly. “What, are all of you used to getting bullied already? If you were the one who died, wouldn’t you hope that Clearheart Sect would avenge you?”

Once these words were yelled out, the entire crowd fell silent.

This didn’t happen to them, so they could say whatever they wanted.

But what if this actually happened to themselves?

Anybody would want justice to be served if they had been killed for no reason.

“Kill him!” someone yelled at the top of his voice.

“Kill this b*stard! The disciples of Clearheart Sect aren’t pushovers!”

“Kill him! Kill him!”

“A life for a life! Kill him!”

The crowd was in an uproar.

Ethan watched the crowd get all riled up and a murderous air rose from the people. He wrapped his fingers against the table lightly.

He turned to look around and saw that Leroy wasn’t here yet.

“They’re not even enthusiastic about saving their elder. We’ll wait for a while more then.”

He waved a hand and the captain of the guards came up.

“Bring Mr Cid out first.”

“Yes, Brother Ethan!”

In no time, Cid was dragged out. He was no longer that proud and glamorous man, and he was no longer the principal of the Inner Court.

He was now nothing but a criminal!

“Release me! Release me now!” yelled Cid loudly as if he had completely lost it. “Ethan! Are you sure you want to kill me?! You’re going to bring all of Clearheart Sect down!”

“Release me! Did you hear me?!”

He was shouting hysterically like a lunatic and looked like he wished he could pounce over and bite Ethan to death.

“I am saving Clearheart Sect,” said Ethan quietly. But it’s too bad that you won’t get to see it.”

“Go ahead and send him on his way!”


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