Billionaire God of War Chapter 2090

Chapter 2090

“Yes, Brother Ethan!”

The captain of the guards dragged Cid to the tallest execution stage.

The entire crowd fell silent immediately.

The executions were about to begin!

The executions were going to start with Cid?

But…he was an elder of the Inner Court of Clearheart Sect in the past.

Ethan nodded and one of the men started reading out his crimes.

“Cid! Former principal of Clearheart Sect’s Inner Court! Despite being the principal of the Inner Court, he joined hands with someone from outside the sect to cruelly cause the death of one of the most promising disciples of Clearheart Sect! He had no regard for this disciple’s life!”

“As per the rules of Clearheart Sect, this is a crime punishable by death!”

“He shall be executed!”

The announcement was succinct and there was clearly no intention to ask Cid anything or let him explain anything.

The executioner drew his long blade out and the reflection of the blade hurt his eyes.

Cid was really in a panic now.

He opened his mouth to shout and wanted to plead with Ethan for mercy. He knew that Ethan called all the shots now, so he had to beg Ethan.

But before he could say anything…

A bright and crisp sound was heard as blood spurted everywhere. A head immediately flew into the air.

It drew a beautiful parabola in the air and crashed onto the ground again.

Cid’s mouth was still moving and he wanted to speak, but he couldn’t get a single sound out. His eyes were wide as he watched his own head fly further and further away from his body…

His head hit the ground.

The entire place was silent.

Cid…was dead?

The principal of the Inner Court of Clearheart Sect was really dead!

And it was all because he had caused the death of a fellow disciple!

“Clearheart Sect has always valued its disciples ever since it was founded,” said Ethan in a loud voice after getting up. “All of you are the future and hope of Clearheart Sect! As long as you are a disciple of Clearheart Sect, Clearheart Sect will protect you and give you the chance to mature and develop!”

“What you must do is to make yourselves stronger and more powerful so that you can protect Clearheart Sect and not let Clearheart Sect be bullied by other sects!”

His voice exploded next to everyone’s ears like a clap of thunder.

“Can all of you do it?”

“Yes, we can!” came the determined voices of the crowd.

“If you’ve been humiliated, it means that Clearheart Sect has been humiliated! And if Clearheart Sect has been humiliated, it means that you have been humiliated too! You and Clearheart Sect are one! Do you understand?!” bellowed Ethan.

“Yes, we understand!” This response was even louder.

Ethan’s words seemed to carry some sort of magical power. Every word was able to touch the people’s hearts.

All the disciples present believed in this deeply. They represented Clearheart Sect, and Clearheart Sect’s blood flowed through their bodies!

“Regardless of who it is, we will make him pay if he dares to hurt any of you!”

Ethan waved his hand and a path was immediately created in the distance.


There was a metal chain around his neck and he was bleeding all over.

Everyone was stunned to see this.

That was an elder of Titan Sect! Was Ethan really going to execute him?

Jorge was panting and his face was pale. He had been tortured with a few dozen devices in the prison and he didn’t have the strength to retaliate anymore. He didn’t even have the strength to curse and could only allow the guards to drag him along.

Gareth and Tegan were standing among the Sinners in the crowd. Their bodies were numb all over.

They didn’t expect Ethan to be this aggressive.

He was really going to turn the world upside down at this rate.

They wouldn’t have dared to even think of doing such a thing. But Ethan just went ahead.

“This is madness.” Tegan’s lips were trembling. “Is everyone crazy?”

Liam didn’t have any objections, and neither did the Senior Elder nor any of the elders for that matter.

And now, nobody present in this crowd was going to raise any objections either!

Did nobody care about incurring the wrath of Titan Sect?

“Justice. This is justice for Clearheart Sect.” Gareth’s lips trembled as he stared straight at Ethan. “He’s seeking justice for Clearheart Sect.”


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