Billionaire God of War Chapter 2091

Chapter 2091

Gareth finally understood what Ethan was trying to do.

But this could cost him his life!

Ethan was now provoking Titan Sect, and that would put his own life on the line. If Titan Sect got angry with Clearheart Sect and demanded an explanation from Clearheart Sect, Ethan was definitely going to die.

Ethan was really insane.

“Ethan!” Jorge roared as he was dragged onto the execution stage. “Stop trying to fool me! I know you don’t dare to kill me!”

He was already at the executioner’s, but he still didn’t want to believe that Ethan really dared to execute him.

This was all just a show! A really good one!

“How stubborn.” Ethan waved his hands nonchalantly. “Why aren’t they here yet?

Leroy and his men were so slow. Hadn’t they heard the news yet?

Ethan had specially sent someone to inform them, so it was impossible that they didn’t know about it.

“Hold him down!” ordered Ethan.

The guards immediately held Jorge down and he couldn’t move anymore.

“You want to kill me? You dare to kill me? Go ahead and try! Come on!”

He started to deliberately provoke Ethan like he had gone mad, as if Ethan would change his mind if he continued to yell like that.

Ethan didn’t do anything.

After a long time, he didn’t give any command. He just allowed the executioner to hold the blade above him.

Jorge’s breathing quickened and he was soaked in perspiration.

Ethan didn’t dare to kill him!

He was sure of it now. Ethan really didn’t dare to kill him!

“HAHA! Ethan, did you think you were really something?”

“Did you think you could really kill me?”

“Liam and the rest wouldn’t dare to kill me, so how could you possibly do such a thing? I’m here already, so you can continue acting! Keep up the act!”

“So what if I killed one of Clearheart Sect’s disciples? I’ll kill whoever I want! What can you do about that?”

“Go on! Kill me! Come on! Come and kill me!”

Jorge laughed loudly because he knew that Ethan didn’t dare to touch him after all. He had done so much to put up a good act, but so what?

He roared angrily and arrogantly at Ethan, and didn’t have any regard for him at all.

All the disciples watching felt their eyes redden after hearing these terrible words.

Jorge was too arrogant!

He clearly despised them!

If they didn’t kill him today, they wouldn’t be appeased!

“Kill him!” someone yelled.

“Kill this b*stard!”

“This viper thinks that Clearheart Sect is a pushover?! Kill him!”

“Kill him! Kill him!”

The shouts filled the sky as Jorge’s arrogance made the crowd furious.

Some of them even picked up stones from the ground and threw them at Jorge. Jorge soon started bleeding from getting hit by these stones.

“Trying to kill me? Come on! Come at me!”

Jorge laughed loudly and maniacally. He thought that Clearheart Sect was still a bunch of cowards after all, and they didn’t dare to kill him. They could only shout and curse at him to vent their frustrations, but there was nothing else they could do.

Ethan continued to sit patiently with his chin in his hand.

“They’re here!”

Ethan’s eyes suddenly lit up. Leroy and his men were running over from afar.

All of them had dark expressions on their faces as they glared at him. It was obvious that they wanted to rescue Jorge, then kill Ethan!

Ethan laughed.

He had waited so long for them.

“The ones who ought to come have come after all.” Ethan stood up and purposely said very loudly, “It’s time! Execute him!”

This shout made Leroy’s eyes bulge angrily.


But Ethan wasn’t going to give him a chance to do anything. Ethan had waited for so long precisely to allow Leroy to witness the execution for himself.

With that command, the large knife suddenly came down fiercely!

Blood flew everywhere!

Jorge was still yelling away and wanted to put on a strong front, but he suddenly felt like he suddenly didn’t have any more strength. He wanted to struggle, but he suddenly realized he couldn’t feel his own arms and legs anymore.

He seemed to be flying and the world was spinning!

He slowly saw a headless body slowly slump down while his own vision became more and more blurry…


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