Billionaire God of War Chapter 2092

Chapter 2092

Was that his own body?

Jorge still couldn’t believe it. But it seemed like his brain was no longer connected to his body.

He couldn’t feel his arms, or his legs. He couldn’t feel any response from his body at all.

“AHH!!” yelled Jorge loudly. But this scream was probably echoing only in his own head.

His head landed on the ground and rolled several times before it came to a stop.

“NO!” bellowed Leroy like a lunatic. His eyes were bloodshot.

He had just watched as Jorge’s head was chopped off. Jorge had been executed by Clearheart Sect!

“Ethan!” Leroy was hysterical. “I’m going to kill you!

He tapped the ground and flew out like a flash of lightning. He was the most aggressive and violent he could be.

Killing an elder of Titan Sect was also a crime punishable by death!

Leroy roared as he flew through the air and swung his fists. The air around his fists immediately exploded and made blasting sounds like beans frying in a wok.

“Protect Brother Ethan!” shouted the guards as they all drew their swords and stood in front of Ethan as they looked at Leroy murderously.

Leroy didn’t care about these guards. He was going to kill Ethan!

He had to kill Ethan for killing Jorge!

“Protect the people of Clearheart Sect!” yelled someone from the crowd. The crowd immediately started roaring and the resonance was shocking.

The entire crowd swarmed forward and surrounded all the men from Titan Sect.

“If you dare to hurt anyone from Clearheart Sect, we’ll kill you!”

The murderous energy in the air seemed to transform in thousands of sharp arrows that cut through the air and forced Leroy to stop where he was and not dare to take another step forward.

The disciples of Clearheart Sect gathered and the murderous energy of the crowd had reached a boiling point. Someone from outside the sect could kill someone from Clearheart Sect but they couldn’t punish the person from Titan Sect who did it?

How could this be!

“Why, you…” Leroy grit his teeth and stared straight at Ethan. “You will pay for this!”

Ethan remained seated. He hadn’t moved at all throughout this whole process and didn’t seem afraid or nervous at all.

“Pay for this?” He pointed at Jorge’s head on the ground. “That’s the price you pay for hurting someone from Clearheart Sect.

“If you don’t believe me, you can try.”

“Try us!” roared the crowd in unison. Their energy was as deafening and threatening as an avalanche.

Leroy took two steps back, and the rest of the Titan Sect disciples paled.

They were all the best disciples of Titan Sect, but they had never seen such ferocity in any other sect before. They had never seen the disciples of their sect join hands and stand together to fight others from outside the sect.

Everyone only acted for their own gain and future.

The disciples of Clearheart Sect kept coming closer, so Leroy had to keep retreating.

He had watched how Jorge’s head had been separated from his body!

But there was nothing he could do now.

Ethan had even purposely waited for him to arrive before killing Jorge, just so that he could witness the execution for himself.

“Ethan, if Clearheart Sect is destroyed, it will be all your fault!” said Leroy coldly.

“Clearheart Sect will not be destroyed! I will get rid of every single person who has ill intentions towards Clearheart Sect.” A murderous look spread across Ethan’s face. “No one is an exception!”

“Humph!” Leroy’s body trembled. He never thought that Ethan would really dare to carry out what he said.

Liam wouldn’t dare to, and neither would the Senior Elder of Clearheart Sect. Instead, it was this person whom he had never heard of before who was being so vicious and decisive. He said he was going to kill Jorge and he really did it without any hesitation.

“I can take him away now, right?!” said Leroy.

His expression was dark and he wished he could fight Ethan to death right now.

He wasn’t able to bring Jorge back alive, so he had failed his mission. He had no idea how the sect leader was going to punish him.

“No, not yet,” replied Ethan calmly.


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