Billionaire God of War Chapter 2093

Chapter 2093

“Don’t go too far!” roared Leroy angrily as his energy soared. “Don’t force my hand!”

“We’re just following our sect rules, so what others say doesn’t matter.” Ethan eyed him. “Wait for us to inform you.”

“If you don’t have the patience, then you can leave now and we’ll settle it ourselves.”

When he said they’d settle it themselves, he meant that they would just throw the body into the wilderness and let it get torn apart by wild animals.

Leroy was furious and extremely humiliated. How could someone from Titan Sect end up like this?

Worse still, Jorge was an elder!

He was a representative of Titan Sect!

“You! You! You…!” Leroy gnashed his teeth but he was too angry to get a single word out.

He was still within Clearheart Sect and was now surrounded by an army of Clearheart Sect disciples. Even if he decided to fight now, he wasn’t confident of winning.

Ethan didn’t care and just waved his hands. The guards immediately dragged Jorge’s dead body out like a dead dog.

This made Leroy nearly lose his cool.

“Just you wait!” roared Leroy furiously.

He turned and walked off. After leaving two men behind to collect Jorge’s body, he brought the rest of them back to Titan Sect.

There was no way they could avoid a full on war now!

Clearheart Sect’s actions were clearly an act of provocation. If Titan Sect did not do anything about it, they could forget about walking with their heads up high in front of the other sects!

Helis stood and watched from afar as he frowned slightly.

He didn’t know if he had done the right thing, but when Ethan wanted to go through with it, he didn’t try to stop it.

Liam didn’t stop it either, and neither did the Senior Elder nor the remaining elders.

It seemed like everyone had agreed to allow Ethan to do all these crazy things.

But was Ethan really doing something crazy?

“If we don’t go this far, we’ll never change. Clearheart Sect really has no way out of this.” He sighed, then looked at the united disciples of Clearheart Sect standing together, and his heart felt comforted. “At least the fighting spirit of these disciples has been fired up.”

If they had to fight, then they’d fight.

It was better than barely getting by.

Clearheart Sect had such a glorious past, but they were now on the verge of collapse. With no imminent threat in sight, the people rested on their laurels and forgot about advancing forward.

Helis took a deep breath and his eyes shone even more brightly.

When Ethan went back, Lacey was already waiting at the entrance for him for a long time.

When she found out about this matter, she had remained silent for a long while. She had been shocked by Ethan’s actions as well.

But after thinking about it carefully, she didn’t say anything in the end.

“If I have to die, I’d like to die with you.” Her eyes were slightly red as she looked at Ethan. “Can I?”

Ethan laughed and walked over to Lacey. He tousled her hair and messed it up.

“You’re not going to die.”

“What about you?”

“I’m definitely not going to die,” said Ethan resolutely.

Nobody could kill him!

He definitely could not die. He had to go back to his wife and child. How could he die now?

“Alright now, don’t think so much about all these things. Even if the sky falls, someone tall enough will hold it up. You just focus on being Third Miss.”

Ethan didn’t say anymore after that.

This war was inevitable.


Tegan and Gareth had complex expressions on their faces.

“We can’t avoid this battle. Ethan killed Jorge, and that’s a declaration of war.”

“Can Clearheart Sect hold up against Titan Sect’s attacks?”

“No, I’m not going to just watch this happen. I want to see Father! I want to stand alongside everyone in Clearheart Sect!”

Both of them exchanged glances. They could see the worry and anxiety in each other’s eyes.

They knew that Clearheart Sect and Titan Sect’s prowess was poles apart, so they were like throwing eggs at rocks.

So why didn’t anybody stop Ethan from making this insane decision?

“Even if Clearheart Sect gets destroyed, I want to be destroyed along with it!”


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