Billionaire God of War Chapter 2094

Chapter 2094

Both brothers didn’t care about themselves anymore and insisted on seeing Helis.

Helis was in charge of the Sinners, so they had to see him first. But Helis refused to see them.

“These two fellows are finally getting it. But I have no idea when Ethan will give them a chance.” Helis waved his hand. “No hurry, let them wait. It’s not time yet.”

Ethan hadn’t given the go ahead yet, so he wasn’t letting the two brothers in.

Helis didn’t say anything openly, but he really admired Ethan inside.

He never thought Ethan would have been able to transform the situation like this.

It wasn’t the best of outcomes, since they had clearly offended Titan Sect terribly and they were about to receive the wrath of Titan Sect.

But it was definitely a good thing.

At the very least, the atmosphere within Clearheart Sect was rising in the right way.

The fighting spirit of the disciples had been riled up by Ethan. This was something that had slowly disappeared over the past few decades, and it was now back.

Nothing was more important than this.

A sect had to focus on grooming its disciples. That was the most important factor in determining if a sect could gain a strong foothold and continue expanding as well as become more and more powerful.

If the next generation of younger disciples did not rise to the occasion, then the sect would not live long.

“The next part is the real test.” Helis sighed. He didn’t know if he would survive or not. But if his death helped more people to wake up from their delusion, then he wasn’t afraid to die.

“This Ethan is really someone sent by the gods. He’s really very different.” He couldn’t help but compliment Ethan.

That was something very rare for him to do.

Liam was also filled with praise for Ethan.

He would never have done such a thing otherwise.

An elder of Titan Sect had been executed in Clearheart Sect!

And they had done this in front of another elder of Titan Sect. That was as good as pushing himself right to the front of this impending war, and the one leading the way was Ethan!

He didn’t dare to risk everything that Clearheart Sect had accumulated over the last few hundred years, but his silent approval of Ethan was already a risk.

The Senior Elder had shut himself in for several days and didn’t move at all. He was just like a stone statue.

He had remained still until the news reached him that Ethan had given the order to behead Jorge in front of Leroy.

He opened his eyes with a start, even though he was already mentally prepared that this crazy boy would really do such a thing.

But when it really happened, he still felt his heart shudder violently, as if it had been pulled on by something and nearly left his own body.

“This nutcase!” he couldn’t help but curse. But he was also filled with deep admiration for Ethan.

This was a really huge risk!

This was as good as cutting off any escape routes for Clearheart Sect. Thorns lay ahead of the sect, but a deep abyss was waiting behind them as well.

“Senior Elder, some elders would like to see you,” came a voice from outside the study.

“Let them in,” said the Senior Elder calmly.

He knew why these people were here.

“Senior Elder.” The other elders walked in with different expressions on their faces. Each person’s expression was rather conflicted.

“What do all of you want to say?” asked the Senior Elder.

He didn’t like beating around the bush, so he went straight to the point. “Clearheart Sect has no way of turning back now. Either we’ll live or we’ll die. If you want to back out now, I won’t stop you.”

These people were going to run off in the face of an impending crisis, but it was too bad that they hadn’t gotten what they wanted before Clearheart Sect collapsed.

“Senior Elder, we’re here to listen to your opinion on this,” said one of them. “We know that Ethan’s actions have cut off any escape route for Clearheart Sect.”

“But this has happened because Chief O’Clear and yourself have silently allowed it to happen. So we would like to hear from you.”


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