Billionaire God of War Chapter 2101

Chapter 2101

There were a lot of people gathered in the courtyard and Diane felt a little apologetic.

She had fallen asleep for so long and made so many people worried about her.

“That’s quite enough, don’t tire yourself out. You just woke up, so you need to rest more.”

Ethan didn’t let Diane walk about for too long and got April to help her back upstairs.

Nothing was more important than her health, and it would take some time for her to recover completely. Moreover, she was pregnant.

He knew that Shawn and the rest had come over because they had many questions on their minds.

“There is a completely different world within the mountains. It’s very complicated there and it’s not easy to settle.”

Ethan went straight to the point. “I’ve returned this time just to deliver the antidote to Diane. I have to go back now.”

Shawn and the rest were shocked.

Ethan had just come back to Greencliff and he had to go back into the mountains again?

“This concerns the safety of Minstrel Mount as well as our entire civilization, so I have to go back,” explained Ethan. “There are people in there who plan to open the mountain gate and take resources from this side of the mountain. I can’t let something like that happen.”

The two sides of the mountain gate were completely different civilizations. One relied only on ancient weapons while the other relied on modern weapons.

Those highly skilled fighters were all incredible martial artists, so anyone with ill intentions among them would definitely create a lot of trouble if they were to come out.

This was something that Ethan did not want to see.

Clearheart Sect existed precisely to guard the mountain gate and prevent this from ever happening.

At least for now, Clearheart Sect was following their ancestor’s rules and kept in line with their reason for existence.

So Ethan couldn’t just sit here and do nothing.

“Are you going back alone?”

“I need to bring some people along with me,” said Ethan. “I need some help.”

This was the first time Ethan was saying something like this.

He looked at everyone in front of him. “I’ll still need all the seniors here to guard outside the mountain gate as my final line of defense. I’ll be on the inside of the mountain gate and I’ll do my best to create a more powerful barrier. But if I fail…”

Ethan never said such things in the past, because he didn’t believe he would fail, and would never fail.

But he didn’t dare to be overconfident now, especially in front of Shawn and the rest. They would only take this seriously when they felt that they were truly in danger.

“I’ve already told you about the spirit of boxing through the Extreme Fist Technique, so everyone has to try to comprehend it as quickly as possible. As for the map on the manual, I’ll try to find a way to work it out,” said Ethan. “I’m leaving the world outside the mountain gate to all of you.”

“We understand,” Shawn nodded.

“So who are you bringing in with you this time?” asked Ivan.

He really wanted to go in with Ethan. Even though he was getting on in age, he still wanted to accomplish more.

“I’ll be bringing the wolves in,” said Ethan.

A real war was about to happen inside the mountain, so it was most suitable for the wolves.

After honing themselves for so long, they would only truly metamorphosize after going through a real battle.

The wolves would definitely be able to shine brightly inside the mountain!

Ivan nodded. “When are you going back in?”

Ethan had just returned and now he was going to leave again.


Even if Ethan didn’t want to go back so quickly, he had no choice and couldn’t delay this any further. Titan Sect was definitely preparing to fight already, and Liam had forcibly sent him out of the mountain clearly because he knew that Clearheart Sect might not survive this battle.

If Ethan remained in there, he might die.

He didn’t have a lot of time to spare.

Shawn and the rest didn’t say anymore and left to make preparations.

Ethan went back to the room to find that Diane wasn’t sleeping and seemed to be waiting for him.

She was an intelligent woman, so there were things she didn’t ask about, but it didn’t mean she didn’t know about them.

“Come here.” Diane smiled and waved him over. “Touch my tummy.”

Ethan placed a hand on her tummy and felt a slight movement inside. He was immediately beside himself with joy.

The baby was moving inside!

The little one seemed to know Ethan was here and was getting excited.

“He’s kicking me?”


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