Billionaire God of War Chapter 2104

Chapter 2104

But even if the road ahead led to death, Clearheart Sect was still going to go ahead and fight!

Even if they died in battle the next day, they couldn’t retreat!

If they became scared and either retreated or ran away, then Clearheart Sect would be completely destroyed for sure. Besides losing the lives of their people, the reputation of Clearheart Sect’s ancestors would also go down the drain.

It had been many years since Liam had worn armor. This might be the last time he was wearing it.

He looked at all the elders and saw the determination on their faces, so he didn’t say anything else.

If Clearheart Sect was destroyed, he would be the one to be held responsible.

He would become the greatest sinner of the sect!


“Father! We want to join the battle too!”

Tegan and Gareth had barged in from outside because they couldn’t stand it anymore.

“We want to fight too!” Tegan’s eyes were red. “If Clearheart Sect is going down, we’ll go down with it!”

“That’s right! Even if Clearheart Sect has to die, it has to die after I die!” Gareth chimed in.

Both of them were very agitated and their chests were heaving.

“Both of you are Sinners, so you are not qualified to be part of the battle.” Liam frowned and turned them down immediately.

“Sinners ought to be frontline soldiers in order to atone for their sins!” yelled Gareth loudly. “I want to be part of the battle! I must join the fight!”

He steeled himself and took a dagger out from his sleeve to place it against his own neck. “Either I die immediately, or I die in battle!”

Liam shook. He never thought that this son of his would be so extreme.

“Let them join the battle.” The Senior Elder nodded as a look of approval flashed in his eyes. “That’s what the future leader of Clearheart Sect should look like!”

“Join the fight!”

“Yes, Senior Elder!” replied Tegan and Gareth in unison. They quickly ran off to put on armor.

The atmosphere in Clearheart Sect became both tense and grim.

Nobody thought things would come to this.

Nobody cared about Ethan’s whereabouts anymore. There was no point in grumbling now.

They were faced with a great enemy ahead, so they had to put in their best efforts!

Everyone knew how cruel life was inside the mountain. If you didn’t kill them, they wouldn’t let you off because of that.

They were going to fight!



There was nothing else they could do besides fight.


At the foot of the mountain leading to Clearheart Sect.

The six major sects had already gathered.

The sect leader of Titan Sect, Gaspar, was seated on a chair as he looked at the sect leaders of the five sects.

“Everyone, I don’t think I need to say much. We’ll take down Clearheart Sect and open the mountain gate. After that, how much one can get from the world outside will depend on your own ability.”

“I have no idea what lies outside the mountain gate, but I’m sure there’s plenty of resources.”

“According to the legend, that treasure trove is outside the mountain gate. I can’t wait.”

All the sect leaders were discussing these things among themselves.

They had waited for this day for a long time now.

Clearheart Sect had a special position among the sects, and they existed for a special reason within the mountain. Nobody dared to touch them because they didn’t want to be blamed if anything went wrong.

But now, six major sects were joining hands, so who would dare to say anything now?

Their reason for attacking Clearheart Sect was legitimate too. Clearheart Sect had gone down a dark path and had actually dared to publicly execute an elder of Titan Sect!

This was clearly posing a challenge to the other sects!

“Apparently there’s a book of records inside the Clearheart Sect ancestral hall that has records of some important things. I think the real treasure trove is recorded inside this book.” Gaspar narrowed his eyes. “Clearheart Sect has been holding onto this all this while and keeping this secret. But did they think nobody else knows about it?”

His fingers rapped lightly against the surface of the table and his face was covered with a smug expression.

The six major sects had sent 500 disciples each, so they had 3,000 men on their side!

Clearheart Sect’s entire population only added up to around 1,000.


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