Billionaire God of War Chapter 2105

Chapter 2105

Besides, the sect leaders of all six major sects were here, and they had brought several elders with them too. Clearheart Sect was at a disadvantage in terms of both numbers and battle prowess.

Their plan was to fight their way up to the top of the mountain and completely annihilate Clearheart Sect in one day!

“How do you think we should do this?” asked one of them.

Someone had gone around to gather the sects together into a coalition army. The conditions offered were impossible to turn down. Even though Gaspar originally wanted to destroy Clearheart Sect on his own, he eventually still chose to join hands with the other sects.

After all, Clearheart Sect wasn’t completely useless at this point. Titan Sect was confident of destroying Clearheart Sect, but they would suffer severe losses as well.

Wasn’t it much better to split the risk and damages with others instead?

“Since the six major sects are joining hands, that means we should all work together.” Gaspar got up and walked to the map. He held up a small red flag. “This is the back gate of Clearheart Sect, so I’m sure some of them will escape from here. Storm Peak Sect, guard this gate and don’t let anybody get away!”

He had already made a decision and started giving orders instead of discussing.

Since the other sect leaders were asking him about the plan, Gaspar wasn’t going to hold back. After all, they got a chance to attack Clearheart Sect only because Titan Sect lost Elder Jorge in the process.

“Thunder Step Sect, you shall attack from here and cut off Clearheart Sect’s path on the left. Goliath Sect, you can block off their path on the right. Achilles Sect and Sea Gale Sect shall surround them from these sides here. Titan Sect will attack from the front, and we’ll all gather within Clearheart Sect’s main hall!”

Gaspar narrowed his eyes as he stuck the last flag onto the map, then looked at everyone else.

“Does anyone have any objections?”

All the sect leaders fell silent for a moment.

“How do we split the spoils after we destroy Clearheart Sect?” asked the sect leader of Sea Gale Sect, Jericho Swain.

This was the question on everyone’s mind.

This was also the most important question.

“The most important thing to do now is to destroy Clearheart Sect. The little bit that Clearheart Sect has is not worth wasting our time on,” scoffed Gaspar. “The world outside the mountain gate is huge. Isn’t that enough?”

He laughed and looked at Jericho Swain. “Chief Jericho, I think what you’re most concerned about is the Whirlwind Kick Technique Manual that the Sea Gale Sect has lost out there, right?”

Jericho Swain narrowed his eyes.

Everyone already knew about how Sea Gale Sect had lost this manual, so he couldn’t hide it either.

“Are you sure it’s outside the mountain?” He stared at Gaspar as his heart shuddered.

“Not only is your Whirlwind Kick Technique Manual outside the mountain, as far as I know, but the beginnings of all your sects are also all outside the mountain. Why do you think we all want to go outside?”

Jericho didn’t say anything else, and neither did the other sect leaders.

They were all itching to go outside because that was where the origins of their sects lay. Once upon a time, the inside of the mountain had nothing, and these sects had managed to survive the past few centuries till today. They were all hoping to go outside to find their roots from the origins of their sect.

“Everyone, I believe I don’t need to tell you what the environment within the mountain has become, right?”

“We just keep moving backwards, but the border of that gray area keeps spreading and we can’t move back any longer!”

“Besides going back outside the mountain, do we have any other choice?” said Gaspar. “Who can hold up against that gray matter? Anyone who touches it will definitely die!”

Everyone’s faces changed upon hearing this. The area they could occupy within the mountain was getting smaller and smaller. The widening gray area was an area that none of them could touch.

A lot of other sects had already disappeared a long time ago within the gray mist, and it was impossible to even find their skeletons.

“Clearheart Sect is stubborn and refuses to let go of their old ways. That’s as good as driving all of us to our deaths!” roared Gaspar angrily. “If we’re all dead, then they can have all the resources from outside the mountain to themselves! Did they think we’re stupid?”


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