Billionaire God of War Chapter 2106

Chapter 2106

Anger filled the air.

Gaspar looked around and saw the fury and indignation on everyone’s faces. Of course, there was also greed!

This was also human nature. Everyone wanted to get more for themselves, or to even keep everything for themselves.

Nobody could hold up against this.

“I don’t think I need to elaborate any further,” declared Gaspar loudly. “We’ll destroy Clearheart Sect, then talk about the rest slowly once we’ve gathered in the main hall of Clearheart Sect!”

“Let’s go!”

“Let’s begin!”

“We’re going to make Clearheart Sect disappear!”

All the sect leaders nodded and didn’t raise any objections.

They were all seated around the same table now, so what other objections could they possibly have?

They had all come here precisely to destroy Clearheart Sect and to get what they wanted.

They were even fine with letting Gaspar be in charge right now.

Nobody had issues with Gaspar’s arrangement, so they set off.

All six sects started moving.

They went according to Gaspar’s plan and started to launch simultaneous attacks on Clearheart Sect from different directions. They were going to cover the left, the right and even the cliff at the back so that nobody could escape from Clearheart Sect.

A battle instantly ensued.

All the mountain peaks where Clearheart Sect resided were instantly riled up.

Fires were lit and roars filled the sky.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

“Destroy Clearheart Sect! Avenge Elder Jorge!”

“Kill them! Make Clearheart Sect disappear!”

“Let’s go!”

The ones who took the lead were Titan Sect. They attacked from the front of the gate and started a fierce attack on Clearheart Sect.

Leroy led the men like he had gone mad.

He remembered very clearly the humiliation he had suffered in Clearheart Sect.

He would never forget how he was insulted by Ethan!

“Kill them all! Leave no one behind!” roared Leroy. “Your elder was killed by the people of Clearheart Sect! He was executed in front of all of them!”

“They have humiliated Titan Sect and insulted them, so we’re going to fight them till the very end!” he shouted. “Do not let off any one of them!”


The battle soon became very intense.

Liam had arranged for many men to guard the main gate of Clearheart Sect. All the Outer Court disciples picked up their weapons to fight. This wasn’t just a matter of protecting Clearheart Sect, but to protect their own dignity.

“Stop them!”

Behind the Outer Court disciples were Inner Court disciples who were now on the same line as the Outer Court disciples.

There were other Portico disciples who acted as commanders. Each of them would lead some Inner Court disciples as well as a few dozen Outer Court disciples and fight their intruders in teams.

There was no more difference between Inner Court, Outer Court or Portico disciples. Everyone had the same aim in mind.

They were going to block these six sects from attacking and they were going to protect Clearheart Sect!

The fight became especially intense.

The battle had just started and many men had already died. The lush mountainside was dyed red by blood in no time.


There were more insane shouts coming from afar.

“Third Elder, you guard the north side. Don’t let them come up!”

“Second Elder, I’ll leave the west side to you!”

“Fifth Elder, some of them are already coming up the southern side, so block them!”

Liam quickly made arrangements.

But their opponents had way too many people and the attacks came in wave after wave. He had thought that Clearheart Sect wouldn’t survive the first wave, but to his surprise, the unity between the members of Clearheart Sect was at such astonishing levels!

“Senior Elder…”

“I’ll guard the main gate!” The Senior Elder’s long beard flapped in the wind. His eyes were filled with great determination.

He looked at Liam. “You’re the sect leader, so even if you have to die, you have to be the last one to die, understand?”

He then walked out with a long spear in hand.

“Leroy, I’m going out to meet you now!”

The Senior Elder’s voice resounded like thunder and it made everyone’s ears hurt.

It was enough to make the members of Titan Sect hear it from afar and feel a shudder inside.


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