Billionaire God of War Chapter 2107

Chapter 2107

“What a frightening level of ability!”

It had been several decades since the Senior Elder of Clearheart Sect had made a move. Everyone just saw him as a stubborn old man, but Leroy knew that the Senior Elder was truly the most powerful fighter of Clearheart Sect!

He was even more highly skilled than Liam!

“Humph! I thought you didn’t dare to make an appearance!” Leroy was also holding a long spear in his hand. “Legend has it that your spear techniques are unrivalled within the mountain. I’m going to see it for myself today!”

He narrowed his eyes and flew right out.


Both of them morphed into violent dragons and attacked at the same time.

The two long spears collided fiercely and sparks flew.

Both of their gazes were extremely cold as they stared at one another.

“Clearheart Sect shall meet its end today!” Leroy purposely said provokingly. “If you surrender now, you might live. What do you think?”

“I’d rather die!”

The Senior Elder didn’t hesitate at all.

The aura from within his body exploded and the tremendous rush of air hit Leroy, causing him to move backwards.

“That’s incredible!” Some blood dribbled out from Leroy’s lips. He was rather surprised that the Senior Elder had become this powerful.

“But so what if you’re really powerful? Clearheart Sect is destined to be destroyed today!” he laughed loudly. “You can watch as all your disciples die before you and how Clearheart Sect is going to fall at our feet today!”

With that, he wielded his long spear and rushed at the Senior Elder again to fight.

A similar scene was happening across the battlefield and it was a cruel sight to behold.

Liam sat in the hall with arms on the armrest and a grim look on his face.

“Father! We’re setting off now!” Tegan and Gareth had both put on armor. “We will be off now!”

Both of them looked ready to die.

Liam didn’t say anything and just nodded.

He turned and saw that Lacey was also dressed in armor. Her hair was all tied up and her face looked murderous.

“What are you doing?” Liam looked at her.

“I’m going to kill our enemies!” said Lacey. “I’m going to use my life in exchange for Ethan’s!”

She was the one who begged Liam to send Ethan off. She didn’t care if Ethan got cursed at because of this. She just wanted Ethan to stay alive.

She didn’t care if she was labeled a selfish woman.

Liam opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say.

After some time, he raised his hand. “Go ahead then.”

He didn’t know whether he was doing the right thing or not. Perhaps things would have been different if Ethan were here.

But Ethan had already left. Would he come back?

He probably wouldn’t. If he came back, he would definitely die. Living quietly as an unknown person was the best thing to do.

Liam shut his eyes. He felt like he could see how the disciples of Clearheart Sect were slaughtered in battle and their blood flowed like a river…

Two channels of tears flowed down from his eyes.

This was Clearheart Sect’s greatest moment of crisis!

Lacey quickly made her way towards the north. If she didn’t go there now, they were not going to hold up for long.

Behind her stood a few dozen guards. These were all the guards that Ethan had specially trained!

“Third Miss, no matter what everyone else says, we will never believe that Brother Ethan would escape,” said the captain of the guards. “We will still follow Brother Ethan’s plans, we hope that you will allow it!”

“Go ahead.” Lacey did not disapprove.

With that, all of them instantly disappeared into the forest like a group of shadows.

In no time, the situation began to change!

“Thunder Step Sect in the north has been secretly attacked! Nobody knows who it is, but the attackers are frighteningly powerful!”

“It’s just a small team of men, but their warfare is very unique. Who are they? Clearheart Sect doesn’t have such people!”

“Kill them off! The northern side is the weakest now, so let’s attack from the north!”

All the sects started heading for the north because they had already made a breakthrough there. They just needed to push through a little harder and they would be able to infiltrate Clearheart Sect!


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