Billionaire God of War Chapter 2108

Chapter 2108

The battle strategy immediately changed.

The north suddenly became the focus of the six sects’ attacks.

Besides Titan Sect who continued to attack from the front in order to destroy Clearheart Sect’s defenses, the other five sects sent out a group to head for the north.


At the north!

The battle was insane.

Tegan and Gareth had already rushed to the front lines. Some of the elders had come over to help too.

“Block them!” There was blood on Tegan’s face, but he didn’t know if it was his own or someone else’s.

His eyes were filled with murder and such resolution. He didn’t care even if he had to die here.

Gareth had the same sentiments too. Neither brother had time to think about anything else.

All they wanted to do now was to guard everything that Clearheart Sect had built over the past centuries, and they were going to do everything they could to make sure Clearheart Sect did not collapse.

They watched as many fellow disciples of Clearheart Sect perished in battle. Their eyes were red and they tried their best to endure their grief.

This world was cruel like this. In this dog eat dog world, you had to be strong enough, otherwise others would trample all over you and take your life and everything else you had!




The plateau halfway up the northern face of the mountain quickly became the fiercest part of the battle. The disciples of the six sects kept coming up in waves. It was as if they simply couldn’t finish killing them off.

If the northern face wasn’t difficult to attack, the Clearheart Sect side wouldn’t have managed to hold on for so long.

“They’ve retreated!” shouted Gareth after taking a look.

This was already the third time.

They had managed to fend themselves off three times, but they knew that the coalition army of the six sects would soon come at them again. They were just trying to tire the Clearheart Sect army out.

If this happened a few more times, they would really have trouble guarding the north side.

“Lacey!” Gareth turned to look at Lacey. “Where are those guards of yours now?”

After they found out that the special troop of soldiers lurking in the forest were actually the guards around Lacey’s quarters, both Tegan and Gareth were shocked.

The elders were equally shocked.

Nobody would have thought that the ones who could turn the tide would be these inconspicuous guards.

“They have their own way of operating,” said Lacey. “Just let them do things their own way.”

Ethan was the one who had been teaching them all this while, so they knew better than she did. It was best to just leave them alone.

Tegan nodded and didn’t say anything.

He had despised such guards in the past, but now, he really hoped that these guards could keep it up and protect Clearheart Sect with the rest!

“Once we’re done protecting Clearheart Sect, I’m going to personally kneel and apologize to them!” declared Tegan loudly.

“Let’s quickly take this time to rest, then we’ve got to rebuild the barrier!” ordered Gareth.

He went to look for the elders to talk about what else they needed to do.

“We don’t have many people left. We’ve lost more than half of our Outer Court disciples, that’s a terrible loss for us.” Gareth’s face was covered with murder. “These idiots are really bent on destroying Clearheart Sect.

These six sects were definitely out of their minds. They had lost a lot too, but they didn’t seem to care about how their disciples were dying and they just wanted to attack Clearheart Sect.

“Senior Elder is still guarding the main gate, and everywhere else is pretty much on par now,” said the Third Elder. “Only the north area is a little weak, and the six sects have transferred people over to fight this side so that they can make a breakthrough!”

He started to feel a tremendous pressure. It wasn’t easy to deal with a group of fighters that were at the same level as elders.

Moreover, they lost out in terms of numbers. How was one sect supposed to fight six?

“No matter what, we’ve got to hang in there! Even if I die, you’ve got to use my corpse to block them!”


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