Billionaire God of War Chapter 2109

Chapter 2109

“It’s very hard to hold our ground here. It’s impossible for the rest to send anymore help now,” said Gareth. “Besides, we have no idea how many more people the coalition army has in the north.”

“We can only hope that the guards can help to injure the coalition army sufficiently and cut off their escape routes. That way, we’ll be able to hang on for a longer time.”

Everyone had a tense look on their face.

This was a battle of life and death!

They might end up just dying.

Lacey didn’t say anything.

She looked out at the once familiar forests that had now become dark and frightening. Nobody knew when the enemy might suddenly burst out and start attacking them again.

As for the guards…

There were very few of them after all.

She suddenly missed Ethan. If he was around, he would know what to do, right?


Several figures were hiding in the shrubs of the dense mountain forests. They looked like one with the environment and they weren’t easy to spot even if you looked carefully.

The green and brown smears on the guards’ faces as well as the grass like clothes they were wearing were designed by Ethan. It was great for camouflaging themselves in these forests.

“Killing the best disciples from the six sects is our mission!”

The captain had already given orders to split the men into a few smaller groups. Their target was the best disciples of the six sects, and they were going to kill these men to make their enemies afraid and retreat!

Ethan had already arranged this strategy for them before leaving.

Even though Ethan wasn’t around now, they carried it out anyway.

“The eighth one!” one of them clenched his teeth and scoffed coldly. “The next target has appeared!”

They used hand signals and their eyes to communicate with one another and they were very well coordinated now. They spotted their target and surrounded him on all sides.


Once that command was given!

Several figures flew out and murder filled the air.

“Who is it?!”

The target saw that someone had ambushed him, so he shouted fiercely, “Found them!”

He immediately pulled out a firework from his belt and it shot into the sky with a loud swoosh.

But the guards weren’t going to retreat because of this.

They knew that these people were purposely trying to lure them out. But so what?

Every top disciple they killed from the enemy was a victory!

“Attack!” shouted the captain as he increased his speed suddenly. His three team mates immediately dashed forward and they surrounded their target.

They moved as quickly as possible.

The four of them attacked the target from all sides and increased the pressure on their target.

“Hurry up! I’ve found them! Hurry!” he yelled loudly. Someone from afar had heard the commotion and was hurrying over already.

“Settle it fast!” The captain swung a fist out and released his energy.

His fist slammed into the target violently.

The captain took a step back while the other three caught up and didn’t give their target the chance to even take a breather.

They just kept attacking him!

Someone was here!

“Hurry up and kill him!” The captain immediately dashed forward and the four of them continued to bash their target like crazy. Every punch landed hard on their target’s chest, causing him to finally fly out and land motionless on the ground.

“Move back, I’ll kill him!” shouted the captain. He tapped the ground lightly and flew out as he clenched his fists and swung them violently!

“The ninth one!” he shouted.

But all of a sudden, a powerful presence filled the air and locked itself onto the captain.

“How dare you kill one of mine!”

A fist suddenly came towards the captain violently and the captain paled. He had no choice but to raise his fist and meet with the oncoming fist.

The captain howled in pain as his wrist broke.

He gritted his teeth and his eyes were icy as the impact forced him back by more than ten steps. He had nearly managed to kill one more just now!

“Captain, retreat!”

“Trying to leave? Dream on!”


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