Billionaire God of War Chapter 2111

Chapter 2111

Stede’s arm was trembling and a sharp pain hit him.

It was broken.

His bones had been broken!

“Who are you?”

He looked warily at Ethan. He had never heard of such a person within Clearheart Sect before.

They had a full list of all the best disciples among the younger generation in Clearheart Sect. There was definitely nobody good enough to fight him like this.

Ethan ignored him and glanced at the captain. “You’re not going to die, right?”

“I’ll be just fine!” replied the captain excitedly. “I just knew you wouldn’t leave! You’d definitely come back!”

Ethan smiled and nodded.

“Of course. How could I let all of you fight by yourselves?”

The captain’s eyes were red but he laughed brightly. “Alright! I’ll leave him to you, Brother Ethan. I’ll go and help the other brothers!”

Several men had gone after the other guards and he was rather worried.

“No need, someone has gone to help them,” said Ethan. “You just stand here and watch me kill him.”

What domineering words!

Stede laughed coldly. This youngster thought he could kill him?

What arrogance!

Very few people dared to claim that they could kill him with such arrogance.

“Young man, you have to pay the price for being overly arrogant, you know!” said Stede angrily.

Ethan ignored his words. He just turned around and unleashed a thick and murderous layer of air from his body.

The air from his body continued to increase and intensified.

Ethan took a step forward.

After he took the first step, Stede’s expression darkened.

After the second step, the ground shook slightly and Stede’s expression darkened further.

By the third step, Stede suddenly felt like his heartbeat was beating to a slightly different rhythm.

It was beating in tandem with Ethan’s footsteps!

How…how could this be?

Just when he was distracted by this, Ethan suddenly moved and appeared in front of Stede in a flash.

“Getting distracted?” Ethan’s voice resounded loudly in his ears. “You’re fighting me and you dare to be distracted?”

“I see you’re looking down on me huh.”

Ethan’s fist suddenly appeared out of nowhere and was as fast as lightning!

Stede noticed it, but just as he lifted his fist, Ethan’s fist had already come down violently on his stomach.

Stede sprayed an entire mouthful of blood out and his face instantly reddened.

How…how did it suddenly change?

He had reacted correctly to the first attack!

What technique was this?

Ethan used one hand to hold onto Stede’s shoulder, then used his other hand to swiftly pull back and punch again. This was a very basic and primitive punch with no techniques whatsoever, but it was an incredibly strong punch!

Stede felt like he had instantly broken a few ribs.

This was terrifying!

This was purely the force from his body!

Stede tried to move his hands and push Ethan away, but Ethan had a firm grip on his shoulders. Ethan exerted strength in his fingers and his shoulder bone cracked loudly as it broke.


He couldn’t help but scream in pain.

This sharp pain nearly caused him to faint.

“Who on earth are you?!”

Stede was convulsing all over, since he wasn’t young anymore. Ethan’s two punches had sapped all his energy and his legs nearly gave way.

He narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath, but he couldn’t stop his body from convulsing. “Clearheart Sect…Clearheart Sect doesn’t have anyone like you!”

“They didn’t have someone like me in the past,” laughed Ethan. “But now they do.”

He slowly relaxed his hand and Stede immediately took several steps back. One of his hands was broken, while his other shoulder had been crushed. He couldn’t use either of his arms and was practically useless now.

“Protect the elder!”

Some disciples from Sea Gale Sect immediately dashed over to protect Stede as they looked warily at Ethan.

“Not enough.” Ethan shook his head. “Get a few more in.”


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