Billionaire God of War Chapter 2112

Chapter 2112

Ethan looked at the five or six key disciples of Sea Gale Sect and shook his head a little disappointedly.

“It’s not enough, it’s really not enough.”

Stede clenched his teeth. He could feel the blood coming up his throat and he could taste a saltiness in his mouth.

He pushed his fellow disciples aside. “All of you, move away!”

The few of them were no match for Ethan at all.

He already had trouble fighting Ethan, much less these disciples.

He looked warily at Ethan. He was surprised that Clearheart Sect was hiding such a frightening and highly skilled fighter.

“Do you know what you’re doing now?” shouted Stede coldly. “Clearheart Sect is everyone’s enemy, and they are the enemy that the other six major sects have joined hands to destroy. If you continue helping Clearheart Sect, then you’re just asking to get killed!”

He was sure that Ethan wasn’t from Clearheart Sect. If he could make Ethan give up helping Clearheart Sect, then nobody could save them.

For some reason, Stede had a strange feeling that even though Ethan was very young, he seemed like a huge mountain that could block anything that came his way!

He didn’t know why he was feeling this way either.

“Who says I’m not from Clearheart Sect?” Ethan glanced at Stede. “Don’t you know who killed Jorge?”

Stede’s face paled. “You killed him?”

“Looks like I’ve got to add one more person to the list.” Ethan slowly raised his arms and clenched his fists. A terrifying pressure immediately rose when he did that.

Stede gritted his teeth. “Get him!”

He couldn’t think too much now because Ethan was going to kill him!

Ethan made a move and so did Stede. His disciples also went all out because they knew that if they didn’t take Ethan down today, Stede was going to die here.

After all, Ethan was saying that he wanted to add Stede to his list of elders killed by him!

But after just the first attack, Stede was forced to retreat. Ethan’s boxing technique didn’t seem fancy and it was so simple that he looked like a beginner.

There was nothing elegant about it either. It was just a simple punch.

Stede’s fists were all numb and his expression was twisted.

His hands were his greatest weapons, but they had been incapacitated now.

“Stop him! Protect the elder!”

The other disciples charged at Ethan.


A few blasts later, Ethan was still standing, but his disciples were all dead on the ground!

Stede felt like he might stop breathing.


How was this possible?

How could Ethan be this powerful? Even the elders of Clearheart Sect weren’t capable of this.

He looked at how his disciples’ chests had caved in. Ethan’s punch had broken all their ribs!

“Die!” roared Stede angrily. But instead of attacking, he turned and ran off, and didn’t look like an elder anymore.

Ethan laughed coldly.

He took a few light steps to chase after Stede, then tapped the ground lightly to fly out while raising his fists.

The terrifying intense wind created by the punch made Stede feel a chill down his back. He had no choice but to spin himself around quickly and use his good shoulder to block the attack.

“You dare to kill me?!” he roared furiously.

Ethan didn’t say anything. He used his fists to answer the question.

His fists didn’t land on Stede’s shoulder. He raised them slightly and they landed on Stede’s head instead.

It exploded!

Blood and other mushy bits spurted all over the ground.

Stede didn’t even get the chance to shout. He flew out and crashed on the ground. He was as dead as he could be.

“Even if I weren’t from Clearheart Sect, I wouldn’t allow you to leave the mountain.”

Ethan’s expression was cold and distant, just like the God of War of the East in the battlefield he was back then!

At that time, he was protecting his country. Now, he was protecting his home!


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