Billionaire God of War Chapter 2113

Chapter 2113

The captain of the guards was still standing where he was. He felt like his breathing had quickened and his face was red with excitement as he just stood there in a daze.

Ethan was too powerful!

He knew that Ethan was domineering and aggressive, as well as extremely highly skilled. But he didn’t expect Ethan to be this powerful.

That was an elder of Sea Gale Sect. He had been killed with just a few moves by Ethan.

Ethan had already reached the level of an elder?

No, he had already surpassed it!


“Captain, are you alright?”

The captain was still in a daze when the other guards came running out of the forest. The shock on their faces were similar to his.

“I’m fine, how about all of you?” asked the captain.

“We’re fine, there was a group of brothers…”

The guards gulped and couldn’t even speak properly. When they saw that Ethan was back, they were immediately overjoyed. “Brother Ethan! Are those…are those your men?”

They had been surrounded earlier and were prepared to fight as hard as they could. Even if they had to die, they wanted to make sure they brought a few enemies down with them.

But to their surprise, more than ten men appeared out of nowhere. They got into a formation and coordinated as one team!

In no time, they killed off all those disciples from Sea Gale Sect.

“All of you shall coordinate your movements with them. We’re going to turn the tables on all these people,” said Ethan.

“Yes, Brother Ethan!” replied the men in unison.

During this time, the wolves had already infiltrated the forest.

The wolves were the advanced level version of the guards, so they were stronger and had more experience working together as well. Even though it was their first time in the mountains, they could still move around easily.

Ethan wasn’t worried about them.

The wolves had already gone through battles that were a matter of life and death, so they were very different now.

Sea Gale Sect in the north soon suffered several hard hits. Eight of their best disciples were killed one after another, and the sect leader of Sea Gale Sect was furious!

On top of that, the other sects that had come along to fight had fallen into a trap before they even got to the path leading to the north. They ended up getting killed without being able to fight back.

“Killing off a bunch of top disciples isn’t enough.” Ethan looked towards where the main gate of Clearheart Sect was. “I still have a lot of vacancies on my name list.”

He sent an order to get the captain and the guards to coordinate with the wolves. They were going to start from the north side, then slowly move down both sides to counterattack.

When the situation started to change, Tegan, Gareth and the other elders couldn’t figure out what was happening at first.

They had no idea why there was screaming and howling out there. It was as if a group of wild beasts had rushed into the coalition army of the six sects and was eating all of them up.

“Is it Ethan?” Lacey listened to the commotion and suddenly said, “It must be him!”

“It’s definitely him!”

Her intuition told her that Ethan must have come back.

But why did he come back?

“Ethan? How can that be?” said Tegan. “Didn’t he leave?”

“He won’t leave.” Lacey’s eyes were red and she bit her lip. “It’s definitely him!”

This feeling got stronger and stronger and finally she shouted, “The six sects must have suffered severe losses, so why are we still waiting?”

Tegan and Gareth exchanged glances.

They didn’t care about whether it was Ethan or not. They had a very good chance now that their enemy was no longer as powerful as before, so they should not pass on such a chance.

“Elders! Let’s go! Let’s chase them off our mountain!”



The Clearheart Sect army roared angrily as their presence soared into the sky like the surging waters of a river.

They had been suffering from being on the losing end all this while. Now that they had the chance to counterattack, nobody was going to let go of this chance!

They were going to kill them all!

Killing one was the minimum, and killing two would be great!

“Anyone who dares to barge into Clearheart Sect shall be killed without mercy!” roared Tegan loudly. He was like a wild beast that was just awoken from its slumber. His eyes were red and his voice resounded like thunder as it echoed through the forest.


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