Billionaire God of War Chapter 2114

Chapter 2114

A few columns of smoke shot into the sky.

That was the special signal created by Clearheart Sect.

Tegan looked up and knew immediately that the people within the forest were the guards from Clearheart Sect and he clenched his fists.

“Let’s go!” He withdrew his sword and his eyes were bulging fiercely. “Once we get back, I’m going to kowtow to these guards to apologize to them!”

He was going to apologize to these guards for being rude to them!


At the same time.

Over at the main gate of Clearheart Sect.

The Senior Elder held his spear and stood at the gate like a guardian. He wasn’t going to let anyone in.

Leroy was panting away. The skin between his thumb and forefinger had split open and blood had dyed his wrist red.

His hair was a little messy and there was blood on his lips.

“I’m surprised that you’re this highly skilled.” Leroy smiled coldly as he looked at the Senior Elder. “But so what? Can you stop us?”

The Senior Elder didn’t say anything.

He had lost half his men!

Even his best Portico disciples were either dead or injured. Besides two more he was protecting, the rest were all unable to fight anymore.

He could only rely on himself to fend off everyone!

Footsteps could be heard approaching them.

The Senior Elder’s expression didn’t change and just scoffed lightly as he saw the elders from the six sects come over.

“Who wants to fight?” He looked around and saw that elders from all six sects were here.

“Everyone.” Leroy took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. “There’s no need to talk about ethics in fighting and all that. We might really not be a match for him if we fight him one on one.”

“Let’s attack him together.”

He didn’t want to waste any time, and he didn’t want to give Clearheart Sect a chance to win.

The Senior Elder was very powerful, but if all six of them joined hands, then it wouldn’t be difficult for them to kill the Senior Elder!

Once they got through this main gate, they could enter Clearheart Sect freely.

The elders looked at one another. That was exactly what they were thinking.

The various sects had decided to join forces and attack Clearheart Sect, but they hadn’t sent out their Senior Elders. One mere Clearheart Sect wasn’t worth that kind of effort.

“Everyone, let’s fight him then.”

“Let’s do it!”

“Clearheart Sect’s existence will end here today. Senior Elder, your job as the guardian of Clearheart Sect ends here.”

“We want to kill you because we have different ideals in mind, but we still respect you.”

The elders spoke up one after another.

“Enough of this nonsense!” roared the Senior Elder angrily. He clanged his spear against the ground and it shook slightly. “If you want to fight, then fight!”

The six of them wanted to surround and attack him and they were still trying to make it sound nice?

“Attack!” Leroy snorted coldly and couldn’t be bothered to even say anything.

He just wanted to kill the Senior Elder and destroy Clearheart Sect!

He gave an angry shout and charged forward. He lifted the spear in his hand high and aimed it at the Senior Elder’s heart.

The Senior Elder’s eyes bulged angrily as he swung his spear and started another intense battle with Leroy.

The other five didn’t hesitate anymore. They immediately rushed forward to attack the Senior Elder together.

The fight intensified in moments.

The six of them were attacking the Senior Elder at the same time, so even though he was powerful, he was getting on in age and didn’t have that much energy left. A lot of it had been spent fighting with Leroy earlier, and he was very tired already.

The elder from Achilles Sect landed a palm on the Senior Elder’s back, causing him to stumble and puke a mouthful of blood.

Another fist hit him.

The elder from Goliath Sect struck the Senior Elder’s chest and there was a cracking sound as his ribs broke.

The Senior Elder flew out and rolled several times on the ground. He looked terrible.

But he was still holding onto his long spear!


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