Billionaire God of War Chapter 2115

Chapter 2115

“Senior Elder!”

All the other disciples had bloodshot eyes and they gnashed their teeth angrily.

They had never been this weak and helpless before.

They regretted how they hadn’t worked hard enough and weren’t gifted enough to become strong enough to protect the Senior Elder and Clearheart Sect. Instead, they had to rely on the elderly Senior Elder to protect them.

“Don’t come over!” The Senior Elder held a hand out to stop the other disciples from sending themselves to their graves. “For as long as I’m not dead, none of you are to die!”

These men were the future of Clearheart Sect and he had the responsibility to protect them!

He was going to do it even if he had to die!

The Senior Elder stood up and wiped away the blood on his lips as his long hair blew in the wind.

His hand held his spear horizontally as his white robe flapped. There was a look of determination on his face.

He knew that he would definitely die from this combined attack of six elders. But so what?

He wasn’t going to die for nothing!

“I’m going to bring at least three of you along with me.” The Senior Elder started laughing and his laughter was both creepy and maniacal. He looked at all six of them and glanced at their faces. “Who shall I bring with me?”

The faces of the six elders immediately paled.

They didn’t doubt that the Senior Elder was capable of this. If he fought hard enough, he would make sure that a few of them would go down with him. Nobody wanted to die with him and allow the other sects to benefit as a result.

“Everyone, he’s trying to drive a wedge between us, don’t fall for it!” Leroy smiled coldly. “He’s about to die, so he’s just trying to make himself sound more threatening. Don’t be fooled by him!”

He lifted his spear. “I’ll go first!”

He knew that the Senior Elder was badly injured and was just trying to stall for time. But he didn’t think that anyone from Clearheart Sect would appear at this moment to save the Senior Elder, and he wasn’t going to allow any chance of that to happen.

“Go to hell!”

Leroy thrust his spear at the Senior Elder, and the Senior Elder immediately blocked it with his spear. There was a loud clang as the Senior Elder shouted loudly. His wrists were hurt and blood spurted everywhere. The spear flew out of his hands and went into the ground where it continued to shake violently.

He had indeed reached his limit.

Leroy laughed loudly. “See? He was just putting on a front. There’s no need to show him mercy. Kill him now!”

“Kill him, and Clearheart Sect will collapse for sure! Everything here will be ours! Everything outside the mountain will also be ours!”

He held his spear with both hands and charged at the Senior Elder with the spear aimed at his heart.

The Senior Elder watched as the spear came closer and closer, but he really didn’t have the strength to stand.

He was going to die after all.

“I’m too old after all,” laughed the Senior Elder bitterly as he shut his eyes.

“Too old? Old enough to retire already?”

A voice suddenly spoke and the Senior Elder felt his heart shudder. He opened his eyes with a start and found that someone was standing in front of him!

This person was as steady as a mountain!


Of course he recognized this voice. This monster almost drove him up the wall, so he would never forget this voice even till the day he died.

There was a loud blast and all the dust on the ground flew.

Leroy yelped as his spear went flying and broke into two. He rolled several times on the ground and his hands were both broken.

He could even see the bone sticking out!

“It’s…it’s you!” shouted Leroy in pain. His face was filled with terror.

He didn’t expect Ethan’s punch to be this terrifying. Was this man still human?

“Who are you?!”

The other elders were also pale in the face.

They had seen how Ethan’s fist had landed on Leroy’s spear and broke it into half. That was one fierce punch.

He had already reached such a stage?!

How could that be? When did such a highly skilled fighter exist within Clearheart Sect?

“Ethan!” shouted Leroy loudly. “You actually didn’t escape? HAHAHA!”

Clearheart Sect was destined to be destroyed, so Ethan’s reappearance wasn’t going to change anything.

So what if Ethan was powerful and stronger than them? How could he take on all six of them by himself?

He could dream on!

“The ones who should be escaping are all of you.” Ethan glanced at Leroy and narrowed his eyes. “I’ve got a lot of vacancies left on my name list.”


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