Billionaire God of War Chapter 2117

Chapter 2117

“Kill him! Kill him now!” Leroy was getting very anxious.

Why were these elders still so concerned about their reputation? Couldn’t they see that Ethan didn’t care about any of this?

The Senior Elder standing behind Ethan felt his heart shudder. He nearly lost his balance and quickly used his spear to steady himself.

“This young man…” He had watched how Ethan delivered that punch. The punch even distorted the air. “He’s actually this powerful.”

He knew that Ethan was from no ordinary background, but he had never seen anybody reach this level at this age before.

He himself was already considered a rare genius in the history of Clearheart Sect and he had been dabbling in martial arts for several decades now, but he still hadn’t reached the peak of martial arts yet. But Ethan?

He wouldn’t have been a match for Ethan even at his best.

“Ethan!” shouted the Senior Elder. “I’m tired, so you can guard the main gate!”

Ethan turned to look at the Senior Elder. He nodded and gave orders, “Men! Get Senior Elder some tea!”

This was an insult to the other sects!

They were at such an important juncture where anybody could die any moment, but Ethan was calling for tea?

He was implying that the Senior Elder just needed to sip tea by the side and watch the show.

Ethan was able to guard the main gate of Clearheart Sect all by himself!

A terrifying aura suddenly exploded.

Ethan stood there like a supernatural being. The domineering air around him made the faces of the other elders turn nasty.

Barnim struggled to his feet as he clutched his chest in pain. Even trying to speak made him break out in cold sweat.

“He’s…he’s not easy to handle! Beware his fists!”

He clenched his teeth and really wanted to fight back. But he knew that Ethan had already given him a chance. If Ethan’s fist had landed just an inch higher, that punch would have caused his heart to explode!

This was simply too terrifying!

What technique was this?

He had never seen such a technique before. But when Ethan’s fist hit him, Barnim could feel the impact enter his body but purposely avoid his heart. It had caused him to suffer internal injuries, but it didn’t kill him.

Barnim felt very conflicted inside and wasn’t sure if he should fight back. But he didn’t have any strength to fight back, and he wasn’t sure why Ethan let him live either.

“Young man, you are asking to get killed.” The elder from Achilles Sect put his palms together. “You have to pay for such wickedness.”

Ethan didn’t bother to say too much. He tapped the ground and flew out. His eyes were fixed on the Achilles Sect elder and he drew his fists back.

The Achilles Sect elder frowned and took two steps back as he shouted, “You wicked man! You’re asking for it!”

When their fists collided, it sounded like two pieces of steel crashing into one another and the sound was ear deafening.

“What a hard fist!”

The Achilles Sect elder narrowed his eyes and they were filled with shock. His Diamond Fist technique was extremely powerful, and it was considered the most domineering boxing technique within the mountain. But Ethan seemed to be purposely singling him out in order to spar with him.

“Kill him! Let’s fight him together!” Leroy didn’t care about any of these things. He just knew that as long as Ethan didn’t die, there was no way to destroy Clearheart Sect.

He ignored the injury on his hand and brandished his spear again. He charged at Ethan once more and his icy eyes were filled with murder. “Attack!”

The other elders immediately rushed at Ethan, besides the already weakened Barnim.

Nobody dared to take this lightly or despise Ethan anymore. If they didn’t join hands now, they would probably all die here!

In the blink of an eye, five elders had surrounded Ethan.

Barnim’s heart trembled at this sight.

The Senior Elder was even more anxious and worried. Even though he knew that Ethan was powerful, this was a combined team of five elders after all. These men were the best from their sects!

“Ethan, be careful!”

The Senior Elder sighed. He never thought that Clearheart Sect would reach a point where they needed someone from outside the clan like Ethan to protect the sect without caring about anything else.


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