Billionaire God of War Chapter 2118

Chapter 2118

The sounds of fists colliding violently was deafening.

It sounded like two slabs of metal crashing against each other. The sound made one’s scalp go numb.

The Achilles Sect elder was furious. This was the first time his Diamond Fist had not been able to help him gain the upper hand, and he actually felt some pain in his fist.

If he hadn’t built up his knuckles and used medicinal wine to fortify his bones since he was a child so that his body could become strong, that punch would probably have broken all the bones in his hand!

What a terrifying fist!

Ethan stood as straight as a spear as he looked at them.

He was facing five elders all by himself, but he didn’t seem the slightest bit panicky. The calmness on his face made Barnim feel a fear inside him.

“Who on earth is this fellow?” he couldn’t help but think to himself. “He’s so young but he’s already so powerful. How much more powerful will he become in the future?”

Which sect in the mountain could possibly groom a disciple like this?

He was sure that this man didn’t come from Clearheart Sect. If Clearheart Sect had a disciple like that, then they wouldn’t have declined so badly and wouldn’t be attacked by the other six sects like this.

“If we don’t get rid of this fellow, it will be hard to destroy Clearheart Sect!” yelled Leroy. “And if we don’t destroy Clearheart Sect, we’ll be the ones who will be destroyed!”

He was afraid that the other elders might change their minds, and he didn’t want to give Ethan a chance to survive.

“Don’t forget, once that gray matter spreads to us, then we’re the ones who are going to die! Us!”

“The world outside the mountain is our only chance! Kill him! Destroy Clearheart Sect! Open the mountain gate!”

Leroy seemed to have gone hysterical as he dashed across in a frenzy. His eyes were as red as a wild beast’s.

Blood started to dribble out from Leroy’s nose and mouth, as their fists and feet collided into one another, but he didn’t retreat at all.

Ethan’s punches were incredibly terrifying.

The elders never thought that they might ever meet such a terrifying person in their lives. If Ethan was their age and had gone through as many years of experience as them, then they would have died a long time ago!

“Kill him!” shouted the Achilles Sect elder as his moves became more and more aggressive. “Long Arc! Cover the Sun! Stand and Hold! Break the Mountain!”

Every move was aggressive and extremely ferocious.

All the other elders also executed their most fatal moves.

The atmosphere of the fight instantly reached its peak!

The Senior Elder felt like his heart was in his mouth and struggled to stand so that he could help Ethan. But after he stood up, he felt his head spin. He didn’t have enough energy at all.

“Senior Elder!”

The other disciples helped to support him. “Brother Ethan…Brother Ethan is really amazing!”

Even though Ethan was surrounded by a group, it was obvious that he wasn’t losing to them at all. In fact, he looked so relaxed and he didn’t seem to be distressed by this fight at all.

“He looks like…he’s just playing with them,” said one of the disciples. The Senior Elder immediately narrowed his eyes and focused.

He could see that Ethan hadn’t used all his strength yet!

He was faced with a combined attack from five elders and he was still holding back?

It was true that Ethan had not stretched himself to his limit yet because it wasn’t necessary to use it on these elders.

He was just confirming his understanding of the Extreme Fist Technique.

It was such a rare chance to be able to spar with five highly skilled fighters at elder level after all.

Ethan would never get such a chance outside the mountain. There was no way he could confirm his understanding under this sort of pressure.

As he delivered his punches, Ethan felt like he could track the path of his punches and he could see the tiny little changes in his punches.

His fists slammed into the Achilles Sect elder’s fists again. But this time, Ethan didn’t let him go. His fist turned into a claw and he grabbed hold of the Achilles Sect elder’s wrist.

The elder’s expression changed but before he could do anything, Ethan immediately exerted force.

“What on earth…”

“Long Arc! Cover the Sun! Stand and Hold! Break the Mountain!” Ethan suddenly let out these shouts before immediately displaying the exact same moves that the Achilles Sect elder displayed earlier!


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