Billionaire God of War Chapter 2119

Chapter 2119

The Achilles Sect Elder was stunned and his face was covered with disbelief.

Before he could even do anything, Ethan already had an iron grip on his arm and he couldn’t move at all. He felt like a column of air suddenly crashed upon him and rendered him immobile.

This…this was the impact that only his Diamond Fist could produce!

Why…why did Ethan know this technique?

The Achilles Sect elder was sent flying by Ethan’s punch and slid more than ten meters across the ground. His face was all pale now.

The other elders were also looking in shock at Ethan and at the Achilles Sect elder.

Ethan actually knew the most difficult technique from Achilles Sect, the Diamond Fist!

“Why do you know the Diamond Fist?” asked the Achilles Sect elder.

The other elders wanted to know the answer too. For a moment they even suspected that Ethan was connected to Achilles Sect.

But after the Achilles Sect elder asked this question, they knew that this wasn’t the case.

Leroy took a deep breath. He didn’t expect Ethan to know an Achilles Sect move. What on earth was going on?

Only Barnim felt his heart shudder as he stood to one side. He realized what was going on almost immediately.

The punch that Ethan gave him that resulted in him breaking his ribs…was the same technique he had used earlier!

He had only just realized this, so the look on his face was even more complex now. It was tinged with horror as well as disbelief.

“You just taught me,” said Ethan calmly.

“Never” The Achilles Sect elder didn’t care that he had just cursed. When had he taught Ethan? He wasn’t going to allow Ethan to slander him this way. “How dare you malign me this way? Achilles Sect has nothing to do with you!”

Ethan laughed.

“You were indeed the one who taught me just now.” He looked at the elder. “You just demonstrated it in front of me personally just now, didn’t you?”

Everything fell silent.

They all realized that Ethan was talking about the move that the Achilles Sect elder used in an attempt to kill Ethan just now.

Ethan learnt it just like that?!

From the execution, strength and agility of his moves, Ethan looked nothing like someone who had just learnt it. Only someone who had been practicing it for several decades would reach this level of understanding.

Even the Achilles Sect elder didn’t dare to claim that his moves were more authentic than Ethan’s.

He felt like he had just met some logic defying monstrosity!

“You just learnt it from there?” The Achilles Sect elder’s expression was filled with disbelief. This was too hard to believe.

None of the other elders could believe it. Even the Senior Elder’s eyes were wide because he had never seen anything like this before. The other elders just stood around Ethan but they didn’t do anything. They just stared at Ethan like he was some freak.

He had a photographic memory?

Where did this insane genius come from?!

“If I didn’t guess wrongly, you’re a left-hander. So if you used your left hand to execute this Diamond Fist, you would probably have reached the pinnacle of this technique. But since you forcibly used your right hand instead of your dominant hand, your prowess naturally suffered.”

The Achilles Sect elder felt like his head just exploded.

Very few people in the sect knew that he was born a left-hander, but Ethan could tell just like that?

And he could even tell that he had forcibly used his right hand to execute this move?

The Achilles Sect elder couldn’t get a single word out of his mouth at all. He didn’t want to believe that Ethan had just picked up this technique from him earlier, but it was the truth.

On top of that, Ethan had discovered his secret during this exchange of blows. If Ethan wanted to kill him…

The elder suddenly recalled a few times where he had revealed a loophole. Ethan could have taken that opportunity to kill him!

“Who on earth are you?” He looked warily at Ethan and no longer looked at him the same way as before.

The other elders had the same reaction.

This man was simply unbelievable!

Ethan didn’t seem to be a normal human being at all. How could one be this terrifying?

“Me? I’m just an ordinary man.”


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