Billionaire God of War Chapter 2121

Chapter 2121

“Why, you…”

Leroy started laughing because he was simply too angry. “Excellent! Just excellent!”

“Then I’m going to see if you’re more incredible, or if the six major sects are more powerful!”

“I’m confident that as long as all six of us join hands, we’ll be able to kill you!”

He grabbed his long spear and pointed it at Ethan as he roared loudly, “Move aside!”

Ethan didn’t move an inch.

If you don’t move aside, then don’t blame us for getting nasty!”

Ethan remained unmoved.

He stared at Leroy and the rest, then slowly raised his arm. Since being reasonable with them didn’t work, he was going to just use his fists then.

Ethan made a move!

This was the first time he was making the first move!

He moved like a shadow that suddenly split into two, then turned into four more shadows that moved towards the five elders with Ethan.

He was so fast!

His fists came in a flurry and the wind they created howled. It was as if five wild beasts had opened their mouths filled with sharp teeth at the same time!

Leroy’s expression paled and the other elders also paled.

Meanwhile, Barnim was still standing back weakly because he had no more energy to fight. He was feeling all relaxed and couldn’t believe that he had actually breathed a sigh of relief that he wasn’t involved in this.

The impact of the fists was unleashed!

Ethan delivered one punch and so did his four other shadows. It was as if five Ethans were fighting at the same time and the impact was violent.

The terrifying impact surged wildly and seemed to be able to fill the mountains and rivers!


The Achilles Sect elder immediately started swinging his fists. But before he could deliver the most powerful move of the Diamond Fist, he could feel the impact of a hundred punches hitting him hard, and he was sent flying as a result.

Five loud blasts resonated at the same time.

Leroy and the other four elders flew out together. They yelped in pain and crashed heavily on the ground. Their mouths spewed fresh blood and their faces instantly turned pale.

Ethan remained standing and a strong wind behind him tousled his hair. The four shadows disappeared and merged back into Ethan’s body.

The air felt like it had frozen over.

The Senior Elder stopped breathing. He had forgotten to breathe.

That move earlier…

He was completely stunned by that move and his scalp was numb.

The impact of that punch was as great as the mountains and the rivers.

Ethan’s fists were able to hold down mountains and rivers.

That was really terrifying.

The rest were also in deep shock. They tried slapping their own faces but couldn’t snap out of their daze.

The five elders on the ground were also in shock and didn’t even notice their own injuries. Their heads were all filled with the punch that Ethan delivered earlier.

What was that?

“What technique was that?” Barnim couldn’t help but ask.

He looked at Ethan and his voice trembled slightly.

They couldn’t fathom Ethan at all. Even if all six of them joined hands, they were still no match for Ethan. They were way too far from his level.

And that mysterious punch earlier had completely surpassed their imagination and everything that they knew!

“That was the Extreme Fist technique,” replied Ethan.

“The extreme limits of boxing is to strip the complexities of boxing to its simplest form,” said Ethan. “This punch of mine is able to hold the world down!”

Everyone felt their heads spin.

Hold the world down!

Ethan was simply too domineering.

They had never heard anyone say something so audacious and so complacent before.

But since Ethan was the one saying it, they felt that this was normal for him.

“Extreme Fist…” Barnim mumbled to himself, then smiled bitterly, shook his head and took two steps back.

He was no match for Ethan at all, so if he tried to fight, he would only be sending himself to the grave. Ethan had allowed him to live, so if he tried to attack Ethan, Ethan wouldn’t show him any mercy the second time.

“Elder Barnim?” Leroy saw Barnim take two steps back, so his eyes widened. “What do you mean by this?”

“I don’t want to die,” replied Barnim directly.

There was some frustration as well as a helplessness in his expression. After being an elder for so many years, he thought that he was considered pretty good in martial arts and he was one of the best fighters even among the other sects.

But today, all of his self-confidence and self-esteem had been smashed to smithereens by Ethan!


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